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  1. It's simply supply and demand. The aluminum 32g was under the least demand, so it ships fastest. Use the cloud people, use the cloud!
  2. It's surprising about the 128gb frosts. I preordered mine only nine days ago and I got word today that it is shipping (albeit I ordered 32gb aluminum). Yes, I was quite surprised to get the shipping notification as I was expecting mid-November.
  3. I just replaced the battery on my N5 with an OEM battery. While it's definitely an improvement, it's not as marked as others are stating on this thread. It still doesn't last the whole day, but then again, it rarely did when it was new. It was definitely worth the $15. My GPS is somewhat flaky as well. Sometimes it just stops working and I have to power cycle the handset. Sometimes, it stops working for a few seconds. While I love the N5, I'm ready to ditch it as soon as Bullhead is available this fall. I'd love a better battery, GPS, and camera.
  4. I have an N5 but have been lazy obtaining my MSL to change my band priorities.
  5. I remember how much I drooled when I first heard about that deal way back when. Now I am remembering the reason I was drooling. Capacity. For clarification it is 20MHz of spectrum is most midwest areas concerned except for 10 Mhz for St. Louis. Also I just read that the USCC network was to be closed Oct 31st.
  6. Ahh, I keep equating capacity and backhaul when they in fact are not equal. I should know better. I think I was fooled by the fact that I wasn't expecting capacity issues this quickly after NV was launched in Chicago. Pretty naive. Can't wait for that USCC spectrum to kick in.
  7. Which is what I was thinking. Of course I noticed the much healthier upload rate. So basically it all comes back around to backhaul. As it always has. Stoopid temporary backhaul.
  8. Are we absolutely sure this is a SNR issue? I haven't been looking at it before but when I look now, I'm getting a healthy 30dB in Humboldt Park. However my speed tests are still pretty bad. Not unusable though. Also, I haven't been having issues with dropped calls or call quality. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  9. I also have been getting quite poor LTE performance around the city for the last month or two. Are we saying this is only a city thing? It appears as though there are some suburban issues too such as Oakbrook. FWIW I was out at my parents' in Hoffman Estates and the LTE was flowing like the nectar it is: Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. Of course. I'm running windows 7, should have realized that.
  11. By terminal window do you just mean the command prompt?
  12. Everyone else able to unlock their bootloaders? When I plug in USB to my laptop, it does not ask me for my computer's RSA key. I've tried all sorts of things including manually deleting adb_key, adb kill-server, plugging and unplugging countless times. I think the problem is the USB driver, device manager says I have no drivers installed for Nexus 5.
  13. The Google USB Driver is for Windows only and provides the necessary drivers for the following devices: ADP1 / T-Mobile G1* ADP2 / Google Ion / T-Mobile myTouch 3G* Verizon Droid* Nexus One Nexus S Nexus 4 Nexus 7 Nexus 10
  14. I know I went through all of that. Apparently the N5 drivers are not included right now, I found some others who were having the same problem. I went into device manager and tried updating manually and windows said nope.
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