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  1. Anyone having problems with the sim card? Just started getting a "no sim card" error every few hours
  2. I think sheboygan was one of the first places in Wisconsin to get band 25 and 26 LTE.
  3. How many bars of band 25 and 26 do you get on that same tower
  4. There is a YouTube video of the note4 fingerprint scanner. It shows how to scan for better recognition
  5. I got my n5 a few months ago and I have the LTE scan problem
  6. Silenze

    LG G3

    I can only order from sprint. I'm on sero plan. This easy pay crap has really jacked up the 2 year contract prices
  7. Silenze

    LG G3

    I was about to order the g3 but its still 199 at sprint for upgrades. Wtf
  8. Thanks. I didn't think it did but the app seemed to imply it worked on all phones
  9. Is the next radio app compatible with the nexus 5? I installed it from the play store and it said my carrier is blocking the FM radio
  10. I had this offer pop up a day after I upgraded my phone. Keep checking!
  11. I just received a brand new nexus 5 from sprint. It has tons of stuck pixels. mainly on the top of the screen Its only noticeable on a black screen with the brightness turned all the way up. Is this something I can get fixed or should I try to swap it for a replacement
  12. Silenze

    LG G3

    Hope a major retailer has a good sale and try to get retentions to match.
  13. So what is the difference between this and the regular s5? Will regular s5 cases fit this phone?
  14. If you tether you will notice the compression. Its been like that for years. There used to be text when you placed your mouse cursor over an image to load the hi res version. Now im not so sure because I don't tether very often.
  15. I think he means factory reset.
  16. Within the past week or so they changed it so you now idle on 1xrtt. I don't know if it was the new prl or what. Also good to see the maps updated with the 800 info.
  17. It's flipping negative 7 degrees out right now. I'm ready
  18. Is sprint allowing connections to those band 26 sites? If I had a spark phone would I be able to connect and transfer data?
  19. I think dans customer service reps are all on holliday vacation
  20. How is everyones call quality. I just received a call from a sprint phone and it was awful.scrachy and echo
  21. Warning This does disable root even when installed via clockwork mod
  22. Lte in grafton. 26down 9up Milwaukee market will have more accepted sites this week
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