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  1. I decided to order the return kit for my Airave 4 LTE. Not messing with it anymore. They indeed did deactivate all of them as previously stated by others. T-Mobile has nothing to replace it with yet, apparently...unless any of you know something.
  2. I have a Sprint Airave 4 LTE and was curious to know what the GUI username and password may be. It's not admin/admin as with the older models of Airave. I've tried a bunch but no luck. Mostly admin as the username, but also root. Just curious to see what's in it. The thing doesn't really work at all for me anyway but I don't plan to change anything that isn't completely obvious if I were to get in. Next year I have to get a T-Mobile phone so I probably will ship that back. I noticed the device grabs two IPs from my router and there are two MAC addresses. It's the MAC address which does not show on the bottom (that is one hex digit before the one that does on the label) which is the one that associates with the IP that leads to the GUI page login.
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