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  1. I wonder if the inclusion of n258 will get T-Mobile moving at all. I haven't seen any progress on mmWave in years. In fact, I've just seen it *removed* from sites.
  2. Got it https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doitt/business/5g-design/5g.page
  3. Well, that's interesting! All the equipment for two separate carriers is still fitting in that little equipment shroud that doesn't appear to be any larger? Really gotta wonder why this didn't happen 5-10 years ago. Can you link to the info where you got this from? Thanks!
  4. Verizon added mmWave to an additional sector of eNB 84364 in Fort Greene. They again used this new shroud with the ventilation on the side. Still another sector without mmWave installed for some reason.
  5. Here's a look at the site. It shows a new ventilated mmWave shroud but at the same time it's not actually plugged in. I've noticed that at several vzw sites in Brooklyn where one of the antennas isn't actually plugged in. Another sector in this site did have the mmWave antenna plugged in.
  6. I noticed Verizon doing some work on eNB 84723 (downtown Brooklyn, DeKalb & St Felix St) last week and one of the mmWave antennas has the new ventilated shroud as well.
  7. AFAIK you won't switch over to Sprint roaming unless there's a total lock of T-Mobile coverage, right?
  8. I was in this area again on Saturday and my iPhone (11 Pro) actually dropped to EDGE while standing at the base of this building. EDGE! It quickly bounced back to "4G" before latching on to a weak LTE signal in a minute.
  9. eNB 50319 in Sunset Park sure is weird looking. n41 up on one sector but the other sector is just a weird mess of antennas points in all different directions.
  10. If we're going to bring up sites that aren't yet mapped, there's also one at Hicks St and Clark St in Brooklyn Heights. Used to live near there and have some images from 2019 https://imgur.com/a/OJDBBlh
  11. Ugh, the coverage in Brooklyn Bridge Park is just awful in places. A lot of these mini sites have got to go. They just can't keep up with modern needs or uses.
  12. I'll be keeping an eye out on it, but it looks pretty done. The Ericsson engineers were still here today, so who really knows. I don't have a 5G phone to test n41, anyway.
  13. It doesn't look like this setup got mid-band added but after a week's worth of work in getting khc faster speeds on LTE. What used to be 30 Mbps is now 100+. I'm sure it helps that one of the new antennas points in my direction. https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/4649824819
  14. eNB 56195 is now also undergoing work. Ericsson is on the roof right now installing new antennas and cabling. An antenna that wasn't there yesterday looks to be a low band antenna, but I'm not totally sure which and don't have a fantastic view. No n41 antenna spotted yet but the work is ongoing. Higher resolution image here: https://imgur.com/a/moyQ6Ol
  15. It belongs to ConEd for "smart" electric meter reading.
  16. Saw today that T-Mobile finally added n41 to eNB 50319 in Fort Greene. This site already had LAA and mmWave but with limited backhaul topped out at about 500 Mbps. eNB 56195, which is basically across the street, appears to be unchanged and without any 5G equipment.
  17. Also haven't yet seen the new design in the wild. The oDAS build in NYC is quite weird, too. One was just put up by Crown Castle NG by me after being reserved in 2016. Another is in progress (but taking months) and proposed in 2019. It just seems so random. Too bad we can't truly tell which is used by which carrier.
  18. There's another T-Mobile site in Fort Greene that looks like a small cell. It has been around and untouched for many years and only manages to pump out about 5 Mbps. Sites like this have got to go.
  19. There are tons of these types of installs throughout NYC, I've just never seen it integrated directly into a new build like this. It's very smart.
  20. That's super interesting, I hadn't noticed that before. It looks like the vzw antennas are integrated right into the exterior wall of the building. That is super cool. https://www.google.com/maps/@40.6879694,-73.978504,3a,15y,260.61h,127.91t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s6EcJxy751hetyHGJxQTV7A!2e0!5s20201101T000000!7i16384!8i8192
  21. Yes, hi, hello. That was my post. This sure seems like a place to post for some more knowledgable info. I took that speedtest standing across the street from eNB 50319. It is one of those weird T-Mobile NYC sites that only has 2/66/12 LTE and had LAA-LTE and mmWave installed a few years ago but never got n71 or n41. I was really disappointed to see mmWave pumping out under 500 Mbps since LAA-LTE can achieve that without mmWave. This has been increasingly disappointing for me with T-Mobile in recent years. There are huge areas being built up in LIC, Hunters Point South, Greenpoint etc and T-Mobile is seriously going to abandon Sites like the Greenpoint location? What are they thinking??
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