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  1. 2.5 GHz allocations have changed again. 2538.2 (20 MHz) is now showing up on T-Mobile macros, was formerly on Sprint small cells, yet 2558 (20 MHz) is gone. Every macro that I have mapped before April 17th that had 2558 on it, it got replaced with 2538.2. Maybe they plan on going straight to 100 from 60? 60 MHz n41 is 2.5 MHz away from the 2558 MHz block, and the former 2640.4 MHz B41 Sprint block is still dormant, which means the spectrum above and below of 60 MHz n41 they own. Currently 40 MHz of spectrum is now idle (2558 and the former 2640.4 Sprint block), up from 20. Currently: (
  2. My apologies, I should have clarified better. Along straight sections of the subway system with close stations, say the 1/2/3 from 14th to 42nd, you can hold onto signal into the tunnels better with AT&T/Verizon/Sprint thanks to their lowband being installed, compared to T-Mobile with no lowband that immediately drops once you leave a station. It won't work everywhere, especially around curves of the subway system, as there is no dedicated tunnel cell coverage yet. From Prospect Park Station B/Q/S to Newkirk Plaza B/Q is basically all outdoors, although the line is in a trench,
  3. The R211s are still coming, should arrive later this year, last I heard they may/may not come with wifi built-in, don't know about cell coverage. The plans for the L-train renovation happened, T-Mobile is taking their sweet time jumping on it though, as Verizon and AT&T are already on it, per this tweet: The F train tunnel between East Broadway and York Street is next for cell coverage. Still no idea if T-Mobile will add LTE lowband, B12 or B71 on Transit Wireless's DAS, as Transit Wireless said they were ready for B71 after the auction in 2017. Yes, Sprint is st
  4. 100 Mhz n41 is now live on Long Island. Judging from the B2 PCI, its probably eNB 45883.
  5. T-Mobile may be gearing up to take 2538.2 MHz (20Mhz B41) off of Sprint small cells onto their macro network. The vast majority of Sprint small cells I found had 2538 on them, with only a select small cell around Nostrand Avenue and President Street having 2523 (10 MHz) and 2538. Now, all the Sprint small cells I have passed recently only have 2523 instead of 2538. In Nokia markets, T-Mobile has 2538 and 2558 (20+20 MHz) on macros with n41. Its possible they may be trying to do the same thing in NYC now, especially since the 6449 Ericsson panels can do the entire band.
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