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  1. Hello Mike & forum mates! I have some pretty fuckin' good news to share here, and I'm very excited to say it! After countless "tried & failed" attempts to make SignalCheck Pro to work on my old device, I decided to give a "bazooka shot" this time: Clean install of another version of LineageOS, Oreo (8.1) instead of the old Nougat (7.1). Things are working flawlessly, at least till now, despite my old phone (Moto X Play 2015) doesn't have official support for this version of Android. You might ask "why not 9 or 10", and the answer is quite simple: NO NATIVE SUPPORT FOR XPOSED, which I can't live without. I'm drinking a stupidly cold beer right now, while typing this text. God bless SignalCheck Pro, God bless Android, God bless you all!!! I'm drunk, and happy... 😄🍺
  2. Hello Mike! I sent you a new diagnostic report. There's no need to refund my purchase, since I really appreciate your efforts to help solve my problem, and your always attencious feedback. Besides, SignalCheck Pro is a fantastic app, despite not working as intended on my system, so I'm glad to be a small contributor to your future developments. Keep up the good work!
  3. New update, same old problem here. I'm really sad to say I'm giving up on SCP... 😔 Thanks for the attention!
  4. [Have you tried enabling the "Use Stale Data Workaround" option under Preferences > General?] Yeah, but didn't solve the stale refreshing data anyway, unless I change focus from SCP to another app or home screen, and get focus back to SCP, no matter this option is checked or not. I found what I can call a "middle-of-the-road-workaround" using the great 'Flat Style Bar Indicators' app to customize my status bar, showing the network type in real time, but there's 3 major drawbacks: 1. It requires Xposed Framework 2. It shows signal strength in 44 different graphics in status bar, but there's no option to show the info as dBm values 3. I still have to use "Cell Signal Monitor" app to show signal strength in dBm values in status bar, but the characters are very small SignalCheck Pro has all those features in one single app without the need of a module manager running as root in background, despite not working in real time in my device/OS, for some very unknown reasons. Besides, I think the suggestion I gave some days ago to have an option to display simultaneously 'network type' and 'signal strength' in separate icons on status bar could be very useful for me and also for current or potential future users, since both informations are already managed in SCP, and are very important for monitoring network quality in real time without having to open the app main screen, specially for users who work driving, like me. Thanks in advance!
  5. Things I tried so far: - Disable battery optimization - Enable Status Service accessibility - Grant root permission - Clean system/app install I know my phone is an old device (2015) as well as Android 7 is an old system (2016), but I tested Android 8, 9 and 10 on it, and didn't work so well, probably due to hardware limitations, and me being a poor broken fucked up brazilian unemployed IT professional/current Uber driver, buying a new phone is out of my possibilities, at least by now...
  6. Hello Mike & forum mates! I have some other info that may or may not (again) help to solve that "mysterious" problem regarding the refreshing issue on my Android 7 device, described in the following steps: 1) Full system image backup using TWRP, just to make sure I could recover from the exactly same point I was before this test. 2) Clean install from the original system image (LineageOS 14.1 / Android 7.1) 3) Installation of SignalCheck Pro from Google Play Store without any other app installed, just to make sure another app could not be interfering in SCP functionality. 4) Wait for more than 10 minutes to signal strength icon refresh in status bar, to no available. 5) Installation of Cell Signal Monitor Free to check the same information in parallel with SCP. 6) Screenshot 40 minutes later, and SCP remais with the same timestamp and signal strength, while the signal strength changed several times between this period in the other app. 7) As a last information, the system network type icon always refresh real time in status bar, whenever it changes (LTE, H+, H, G, E, etc.), so I think this is an evidence there's not a problem with my system itself, but SCP isn't being able to keep the information reliable, for some reason that I'm really trying to help finding, since it managed to work perfectly for a little short time after the last update, but stopped working out of nothing... PS: All the relative information are highlighted in RED on the screenshot attached. I hope it helps, and thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Mike! Another information that may (or may not) be relevant: Since my system is rooted, I tried to enable the root feature of SCP in my root manager, just to check if it would make any effect about the refreshing problem, but it didn't...
  8. Hello Mike! I installed the latest version (4.65), but my stalled information refresh problem remains the same. What I really fail to understand, is that SCP is actually working while getting the information from my system, and the proof is that if I change the focus to another app or to home screen, and give focus back to SCP, all the info, like mobile data state, network type, signal strength, time stamp, etc. are refreshed accordingly. There's something freakin' weird happening here, and I'm starting to think that my phone hates your app (brazilian black humour), unlike me, because I think your app is awesome, and I really wish it works as intended. I sent you another diagnostic report in the new version, to help you "find a cure", and please, don't give up on me... Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello Mike! I was posting here and also on the official SignalCheck website. Sorry for the duplicates, my bad! I sent you a diagnostic report right now. I'm using LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) rooted custom ROM. Another thing I tried was remove the second SIM on my device, keeping just one single SIM in the main slot. I wish I could do a clean system install to make sure something isn't interfering with SCP, but I use the device as a work tool (I'm an Uber driver), so this option is kinda "overkill" to me...
  10. Hello Mike & forum staff! About my last post, I figure I was wrong about the status bar refresh problem. After further inspecting, I came to realize that SignalCheck Pro STOPPED REFRESHING COMPLETELY in my system, not just on status bar, but also on main screen. The reason for that? I have absolutely no clue about it, because with the last update, as I gladly posted here, my initial problem was completely solved. Again, I guess the problem is not with my system, because Cell Signal Monitor (another little free app similar to SignalCheck Pro) is working flawlessly. I tried to uninstall, reinstall, clear the cache & data, everything I know, with no luck, so if somebody have any tip, advice, solution, whatever, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Mike! I discovered another status bar related problem on SignalCheck Pro. It's very common here in my poor country (this shithole called Brazil) that our internet quality goes down from LTE to HSPA+, HSPA, or in some uncommon cases, goes down even to EDGE. Despite that problem of signal strength not being refreshed in status bar was completely fixed with the last update, if I choose "Network Type" icon instead of "Signal Strength" icon, the information related to network type was never refreshed in status bar, no matter how network type changes, or an even worse case, sometimes when internet goes off completely, SCP still keeps the last network type icon displayed in the status bar. Open and close SCP app forces the refresh on status bar, just like the old problem with signal strength, so I see some similarities between the two problems, then maybe the solution can go in the same route as well. Another problem I see, is that's not possible to display the two icons at the same time ("Network Type" AND "SignalStrength", because in the option "Select main status bar icon style", SCP just offers one icon or another. My suggestion here is to use a "checkbox" instead of a "radio button", so multiple selections of icons would be possible to choose, according to user's preference. Another suggestion is to use just "H+" (instead of "HSPA+"), "H" (instead of "HSPA"), "E" (instead of "EDGE"), and "N/A" (when information is not available) to show the information in status bar (similar to the way Android system shows this information in notification bar) since the icons on status bar are very small, so an abbreviated form would be much easier to read. Again, if you need some more information about the issue, I'm here to help and contribute to this awesome application. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello folks! I'm very glad to report that my issue with failing refresh information was completely solved with the new SignalCheck Pro update. I consider very important to highlight how attentive Mike was at trying to solve my problem, promptly answering all my messages in private, analysing my logs, and quickly fixing the problem with just one update. Top grade app, top notch support. Keep up the great work, Mike, and congratulations for your exemplary professionalism!
  13. Hello folks! I bought SignalCheck Pro today, mainly because I wanted signal strength information on my status bar. I installed the app, and started looking at preferences, to choose the format I want to appear in the status bar, so I pick "Signal Strength (dBm)". Then I realize the information never change, unless I open and close the app. The timestamp and other information also don't change when the app is running in foreground. I tried the option "Use Stale Data Workaround", but it didn't solve the problem. Another free app called "Cell Signal Monitor" is working flawlessly in my device, but the signal strength character font in status bar is too small, and there's no option to change, but the fact it is working as intended, proves the problem is not with my phone or my system. I can't even get my money back, because for some strange reason, the refund option in Google Play Store here in Brazil is not available for this particular app. I really hope there's a solution for this problem, because the app looks really good, and I don't want to lose my money. My setup: Moto X Play 2015 Android 7.1.2 (rooted) Thanks in advance!
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