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  1. Hello Mike! I installed the latest version (4.65), but my stalled information refresh problem remains the same. What I really fail to understand, is that SCP is actually working while getting the information from my system, and the proof is that if I change the focus to another app or to home screen, and give focus back to SCP, all the info, like mobile data state, network type, signal strength, time stamp, etc. are refreshed accordingly. There's something freakin' weird happening here, and I'm starting to think that my phone hates your app (brazilian black humour), unlike me, beca
  2. Hello Mike! I was posting here and also on the official SignalCheck website. Sorry for the duplicates, my bad! I sent you a diagnostic report right now. I'm using LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) rooted custom ROM. Another thing I tried was remove the second SIM on my device, keeping just one single SIM in the main slot. I wish I could do a clean system install to make sure something isn't interfering with SCP, but I use the device as a work tool (I'm an Uber driver), so this option is kinda "overkill" to me...
  3. Hello Mike & forum staff! About my last post, I figure I was wrong about the status bar refresh problem. After further inspecting, I came to realize that SignalCheck Pro STOPPED REFRESHING COMPLETELY in my system, not just on status bar, but also on main screen. The reason for that? I have absolutely no clue about it, because with the last update, as I gladly posted here, my initial problem was completely solved. Again, I guess the problem is not with my system, because Cell Signal Monitor (another little free app similar to SignalCheck Pro) is working flawlessly. I trie
  4. Hello Mike! I discovered another status bar related problem on SignalCheck Pro. It's very common here in my poor country (this shithole called Brazil) that our internet quality goes down from LTE to HSPA+, HSPA, or in some uncommon cases, goes down even to EDGE. Despite that problem of signal strength not being refreshed in status bar was completely fixed with the last update, if I choose "Network Type" icon instead of "Signal Strength" icon, the information related to network type was never refreshed in status bar, no matter how network type changes, or an even worse case, sometim
  5. Hello folks! I'm very glad to report that my issue with failing refresh information was completely solved with the new SignalCheck Pro update. I consider very important to highlight how attentive Mike was at trying to solve my problem, promptly answering all my messages in private, analysing my logs, and quickly fixing the problem with just one update. Top grade app, top notch support. Keep up the great work, Mike, and congratulations for your exemplary professionalism!
  6. Hello folks! I bought SignalCheck Pro today, mainly because I wanted signal strength information on my status bar. I installed the app, and started looking at preferences, to choose the format I want to appear in the status bar, so I pick "Signal Strength (dBm)". Then I realize the information never change, unless I open and close the app. The timestamp and other information also don't change when the app is running in foreground. I tried the option "Use Stale Data Workaround", but it didn't solve the problem. Another free app called "Cell Signal Monitor" is working flawlessl
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