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  1. Thats some pure BS that Sprint is offering these deals for the New iphone and they offered little to nothing for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  2. Tmobile Tweet https://twitter.com/NevilleRay/status/1317213625623343106?s=20
  3. Yeh I was in Columbus last month picking up 5G in Reynoldsburg/Pickerington and Westerville
  4. My reception after getting 5G to work again on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Columbia Maryland
  5. So the internet went out in my area and has been out all day. I been using my Note 20 Ultra as a hot spot for my Macbook and IPTV. My speeds start to decrease as I believe Sprint/Tmobile is throttling me. I play around with my hotspot settings and come across an option to change the Band to 5Ghz. The moment I change it, my 5G reception comes back. WTF? Somehow the software update I guess changed that setting. All is well now.
  6. I feel like I am getting screwed. I upgrade to the Note 20 Ultra to have the most updated antennas. I am getting strong 5G reception in my area. Then last week I get the latest software update and since then I no longer get any 5G reception but rather sluggish 4G speeds at times.
  7. Maybe a dumb question I upgraded to the Note 20 Ultra assuming that the antennas would be tmobile. The phone still shows "Sprint by Tmobile". In the article it references million of Sprint customers needing to shift to T-Mobile 5G. Is the Note 20 Ultra future proof or am I still technically on Sprint's dying network and need to switch to a more compatible device in the near future?
  8. Yes I have these options. Switching requires a reboot. 4G does work.
  9. Only device. Upgraded from the Note 10+. Still have it but swapped activating the Note Ultra on the same line yesterday
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