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  1. I know on mine anytime I make a call it switches to 1x for the duration of the call and then goes back to LTE when the call is over. I am able to VOLTE when out in town though. Maybe soon.
  2. They just offered to send me a magicbox gold and volte amp to help with voice calls. Really curious as to how long this will work now that the merger is happening.
  3. Darn that stinks. I just got mine setup using the LTE backhaul and i'm getting pretty decent service. Still can't use it to make a call no VOLTE however it is nice to be able to use the LTE for my phones and spare the WIFI for other devices.
  4. So can you use this without a ethernet/wifi backhaul for data? I get a couple bars of service in one room of my house and can use the internet from there. I've got one on the way for a backup solution if my internet goes out. But if you have to have a wifi backhaul that would be no good should internet go out.
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