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  1. These are simply pep rallies, nothing of any substance is ever presented. Its a good opportunity to take a nap during these nonsense rallies. My 2 cents Thanks for your advice.
  2. Ill make my comments brief, in hopes that it creates dialog abbot our future. The synergy and blending of the 2 company's from the network perspective is a complete disaster already! If you are a Sprint Network Employee and feel everything is so far, so good. You have not yet been tortured by the superior leader. Its coming. T-mobile either has a leadership directive to force out Sprint employees, or the local markets and regions are overwhelmed by the extensive knowledge Sprint folks bring and that intimidation is causing them to try and force you out. To be fair, Sprint had layers of dead weight also and most need to be bounced. From the brief time I have seen their processes and procedures combined with the lack of experience, rest assured you are all in for a wild ride. How about unionizing?
  3. Most of the network was brought back, but most of the field services is still Ericsson and Goodman.
  4. Funny you say that. I fully understand the colossal FUBAR that was Sprint together with Nextel (couldn't even get 1 name) and then the injection of Clear wire dead weight, but now T-mobile has made it clear you must conform immediately or else. T-Mobile would be better suited to embrace some of the M&Ps and ways of doing business. Have you been introduced to the "you must be in an office, or else" policy. That shit will backfire on those youngsters. Lets call it what it is 'Office Space'. Enough of my rant for today.
  5. T-Mobile and Sprint have no plan on how to commingle the 2 teams and networks. Its only a couple of weeks in and already messy. And TMO has the same elitist attitude towards their peers from Sprint. Everyone is hoping for the best, as well as the commitment to not layoff anyone for a period of time (3 years?). Trending in the wrong direction. Abdul Rodriguez
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