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  1. I added a family member to my Sprint account a couple of months ago, and unfortunately she's in a cell dead-zone so Sprint sent an Airave 4 to take care of that. I set up the Airave 4, thew it into a DMZ within her router config so that everything is wide open for it, and there won't be any problems with firewall interference. She's been driving me nuts lately because the GPS light goes red at random, taking CDMA/voice out with it. LTE stays solid green, no problems there. I've checked the GPS antenna over and over again - it runs out to a window, when the Airave 4 first powers on, after a few minutes all LED's go green, and the network lights remain green 24x7. Just the GPS...it might go red after a few hours, or a few days, in some cases a week or longer (it's remained green with no problems for 7 days). I've suggested she relocate the entire Airave to a different part of her house, because something is obviously interfering with the GPS signal. I have also factory reset the device (twice). It works great when all the LED's are green, but once that GPS light goes red, it might as well be a paperweight (because she relies on it for voice). I have suggested wifi calling but tbh the Airave should be doing the job and it just isn't. What else could I try to solve the GPS-gone-red issue? Thanks.
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