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  1. So customer service called me back today and says they are in the process of shutting down Airaves because they are doing tower upgrades for better signal quality so that is why my Airave is no longer getting a GPS lock....So until they are finished I have to utilize Wi-Fi Calling for the time being.
  2. I have an Airave 4 and it causes the signal to come in with LTE then go out to roaming back forth every couple minutes
  3. Is anybody else encountering GPS issues with their Airave units?
  4. GPS has kicked out on mine too since Saturday....was working fine since July up until then. Reset and unplugged and still no luck....read that on older airaves they sometimes could get bad software updates and screw up the GPS but Sprint couldn't find anything so they are sending me a new one.
  5. Hello new here....Just got my Airave 4 and set everything up and everything is green but the C-Net and CDMA lights they are blinking red but I am able to get online with LTE and make phone calls....Are these needed or should I wait overnight and see if anything changes in the morning or reboot? TIA
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