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  1. Thanks for the response, ingenium. I've contacted them via visualvoicemail@sprint.com and at least got a response there...they said to wait for the update that happened yesterday. It didn't help. General Sprint support has been less than helpful. Maybe I'm just not being patient enough for the voicemail to show up...I'll try waiting 6 hours! I just wish they'd let us use the default voicemail in the phone app. I'm tired of calling my voicemail after missed calls like a caveman. I have a feeling the root of the issue is the app is unable to verify my account.
  2. So I know this isn't necessarily the place for this question but I'll ask anyway since Sprint support has been no help at all. I can't get Sprint Visual Voicemail (VMM) to work on my unrooted, stock Pixel 3 (not 3a) that I bought in November. It worked until about mid-December then stopped. I can download the app however when someone leaves me a voicemail it just doesn't show up...even after yesterday's update. No notifications, not in the app, no nothing. I know I have a voicemail because I can still dial into voicemail from the phone and hear it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app 100 times and even factory reset the phone once. No change. I do get these notification when I open VMM. Anyone have any advice? I'm hoping there will be more answers out there since Sprint is carrying the Pixel 3 now. I just want visual voicemail like it is 2015. PS I know Google Voice is an option...I just don't really want to do it.
  3. Thank you for the reply! This is very helpful information. I really appreciate it. Lets hope for the closer to next month as opposed to 6+ months on the switch flip.
  4. Longtime listener, first time caller (poster) situation here. Been paying attention to this thread for VOLTE information regarding the Pixel 3. I'm in Indianapolis, IN and I believe we are one of the roll out markets for Sprint VOLTE. I haven't gotten yet but I see some above have in other areas. Just wondering if anyone has any additional insight? Rooting isn't my thing so doing some of the above steps aren't for me. Side note and somewhat unrelated but since I have a captive audience here. Sprint's visual voicemail app sucks with the Pixel 3. Literally can't get it to work. What do ya'll use? I'm sure Google Voice is the preferred method but I thought I'd check.
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