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  1. Any news for the Triangle market? I switched from T-Mobile a few days ago as I kept having issues with coverage in some of the buildings I am in frequently and the modem on the iPhone XS kept locking up when transitioning from low coverage to high coverage areas. Sprint has better coverage indoors in the places I go to but the upload speeds are an issue. While it's nice to get 70 - 90 MB/s DL, video chat just doesn't work well with 2 MB/s UL. Latency is pretty good too. Just that upstream... Always something Also, does WiFi calling on Sprint use a different audio codec that is more compressed than the one T-Mobile uses? I understand my area still uses 1x for voice at this time but I would have thought WiFi calling uses a better codec since bandwidth doesn't matter. T-Mobile was much clearer on WiFi calling.
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