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  1. i was asking about my phone stop working for phone call and tex message . What can i do since my phone was reset and it work on the cdma network since the cdma network say no new activation in that article . and i am talking as best as i can
  2. the reason why i ask is i doint know if cdma can still be active it was full reset i herd in the new new phone can not be set up on cdma do that mean old phone being full reset
  3. question about cmdan the voice part my phone has been unable to recive phone call or tex message at all i am on one of sprint mno tello they blame phone is the voice net 1xtrx stil up my phone is unable to find it it is a old phone mot g4 play i am think i have to get a new one which is not too bad it do have ohter issue
  4. i person rather pay for a isp then we still have a land line phone and use it alot we get a lot more out of isp then the phone we get 100/100 true unlimit way more then most cell phone provider use and i person perfer a networkcable to isp then wireless i doint get how people cant afroed a isp we only pay 120$ for all 4 of use can use it i look at cell phone place the simuarl one was more like 200 or more for a lot less data
  5. why do people need it inside a house i can get public place or some else home but not your own home since when i am at home it is wifi i even put my phone on air plane mode
  6. is i a some what am not want the mearge to hapen with the luuck this world is having it would do more harm then good
  7. i shout the merge have all ready fail i person wish it fail i like 4 not 3 big carrie soon it would be 2 at 4 time the price
  8. i doint buy one on contrack or see any new one i like to buy it only do pre paid cell phone plan so a new phone is a lot of mony for me
  9. is it ok to ask in this topic or should i start a new one i have a moto g4 play witch doint seem to have voice over lte unless it is not enable how to tell how long it would work on the network it is on tello
  10. yep my family is a small user we doint like cell phone bill get clsoe to size of a second motorage it is evne a some what old cell phone that i full own
  11. still it is more then what i am paying a year for tello as long as i use the phone ever 3 month which is not a isuse i just pay for what i use it could be as low as 10$ for the whole year i think some where around 50$ i use only about 200mb a month and the odd tex mesage her or there most time i am on wifi
  12. wow you much have lot of mony i can't aford to do sped test on the cell network i pay per mb it is the only plan i can aford i may pay about a mont or 2 of regular unlimited over a whole year
  13. mattp

    small user

    how many people here go for pre paid pay as you go and almost never stream video or audio to me all this speed upgrade just mean hope price go down i doint reelay need the speed i seem to use only 10 mb a day give or take or less some day 0 like today
  14. is any one still in this topic what is the data usage of the app any way to limit it just to wifi i am on a limit data place becaser i doint want to speed much mony for data
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