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  1. i am using the mvno all prepaid so if i decide sprint was better i just come back on a pre paid sprint one too own the phone what i like about tello is the pay as you go option i have 30$ in the acoudn it would stay ther as long as i put the phone back on spritn in 90 day and use it some the other one is usmoble they use verizon and tmoblie network you get sim card for both want to change just call them up and move the phone number over from one to ohter a few hourse to 24 hour later swich sim card and re set up
  2. my issue is i have some what the same issue with sprint doint know about tmoble att doint have any good mvno i doint do regula big plan i may try verizon mable my area is better a lot of frend iknow have them and say it is ok
  3. what hapen i am start to some what fell all network have issue or are crowed and will be for a long time
  4. hope it ok that i share the name of a big home aera i was in where theer was bad covage Rockledge Homeowners Association, Palmyra, PA 17078 i was stay at some house in that area
  5. mattp


    only issue i found now is the provider i am use tello is put there add on so many adds spot it is nuts how many time i see it
  6. mattp


    i agree it was why i got the moto g6 play new phone but doint cost too much and do what i want and i get new sofware update also what can i do about sprint site say great covage but the app mesen on this sit say my signl go back and forh from being fine to be almose not work with once in a whliel doint wokr at all to working when the site say good signla strenth and i saw ops not that comment the image of the app doint look like what i have when i am use the same paid app
  7. mattp


    i am not too much fan of othose promotion i own my phone a moto g7 play not the best but i got it off contrack no carrier atach at all stright from moto webstore
  8. the reason why i ask is i got the worst lag i ever got in one area it was usage right when i was want to use my phone the most
  9. mattp


    how many people on here go with verizon since they get better covage i like sprint i am on sprint right now just thnk of switch becaer of the issue i got that make it unsage able in some area i do have a mno and pay per month hope this is ok to post
  10. what can i do about laggie issue on a mno of sprint network think ther a tower issue is the mno suport the only option or do get a human on sprint teck suport it was unsable out side of my home area wifi is off
  11. why so much about makeing the network better instead of have people use wifi more some people i know only watch vidoe like me on wifi
  12. am i the only one who think unlimit shuld go away i some what think it is sort of not worth the mony rahter know how much data i have and then be able to pay for more money i perfer if there a provider where you pay a acces fee each moth just to have phone number and such then pay per x amount of data and minun and tex message big group you have to tell it to pay they never expire instead of this pay for 2 gb and not use all of it in one month and fell like you pay for data you did not get to use or end up with so much extar data and voice and tex becase you need more sevice day
  13. it is i only have like 500 mb give or take some month i get 1gig so i never see 5g speed in action since the cost i am seen are like 80$ when i pay only 5 $
  14. am i the only one who doint care too much for the speed all i wnat is relable and for data to cost less to peopl who not on a unlimit plan
  15. mattp

    sim card

    why can one sim be 10 whhile another one in store a sprint store be 20 same exact sim card for same phone and provider
  16. i doint need the speed for me it is all about not cost ver much have pay as you go or tiny plan since if i want great speed i just use wifi or waite till i get home to do it on my destop instead
  17. i went to sprint store other phone in it are wokring loke like a broke sim but the device is so old my not be worht it
  18. i call sprint store they doint have my sim card in stock may have to have one ship in unless i just upgrade to a new phone since it is 3 year old and have usb and headphone jack and battery life issue
  19. it is a lte and what is funny data on lte work cdma network is nowhere to be seen i keep seeing voice network not avable and the app to show more inof about celphone signal say the 1x network no signal like it was shut down
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