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  1. 11 hours ago, greenbastard said:

    MOCN is just a stop-gap solution while they figure out how to transfer everyone to the T-Mobile core network. MOCN cannot be used to combine two networks into one, but can be used to allow a group of users access to more than one network.

    T-Mobile already implements MOCN so Sprint users can roam on their network without any compatibility issues. There is no need to worry about VoLTE compatibility or eCSFB issues with MOCN unlike with traditional roaming. This is the reason why T-Mobile roaming comes back with a Clearwire PLMN instead of a T-Mobile PLMN 


    What about us who have mvno

  2. 1 hour ago, troyd96 said:

    Sounds like you are having signal strength issues.  I don't have that problem except in rural areas (which there are many in Georgia).  My problem is in urban and suburban areas, my signal level will be in the -80 to -95 range (which is perfectly acceptable for LTE) and I will get very low download speeds and the speedtest will error out for upload most of the time.  

    The upload speed and latency is I believe #1 issues Sprint has on its networks.  I can get by with 5-10 Mbps, but when the upload doesn't even register, then that is your bottleneck.  That always happens on the oversaturated towers where I most frequent.

    yep i get -115 at times or worst  i have a log of it  but only on lte if i put my phone to 3g it seem to do better 

    is it nomrl to switch provider and not use up all the data before switching 

  3. 56 minutes ago, troyd96 said:

    In the South Atlanta metro area T-mobile has worse coverage than Sprint, and sprint is pretty poor in a lot of areas as well, and it isn't necessarily towers as much as not enough capacity and overloaded towers in places like Newnan and South Dekalb County.  Verizon by far is the best coverage for all of metro Atlanta especially the southside of the metro. 

    I have stayed with Sprint because it was cheaper and knew I would have to deal with speed and coverage issues.  If it gets worse post T-mobile merger I may have to bounce.  My mom has T-mobile and she is always having issues with calls and data.  I have rarely if ever seen the T-mobile LTE roaming bands everyone on here has talked about.  Still just on oversaturated Sprint nodes toward my work (Dekalb county, GA) and my home county (Coweta County, GA).


    Hope this all works out and my bill stays the same or less for my unlimited plan that includes HD streaming videos, etc....

    How do you tell it is oversaturated nood I run in to a different issue signal get so weak and phone get hot then it go. In a loop of more weak then more warm. Then I tune data off and on and it seme to now works ok 

  4. Just now, danlodish345 said:

    The only time I use above 5 megabytes a second as if I'm watching YouTube that's it. So for me 5 megabytes a second is plenty for most thanks. I really don't care about next generation networks the only thing I care about is coverage and as you said good pings other than that I'm content.

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    yep which i have issue with time to time get great performence in the middl of town i doint live in city   but at the edge i seen  a 2k ms  ping once to google  when i norml get 100ms right before that 

  5. Just now, danlodish345 said:

    For me I really don't care about 5G or speed this or speed that. The only things I care about is usability coverage and quality. If I just have even 10 megabytes a second but Nationwide coverage I'm happy.

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    i agree i dont using more then 2mb/s and even when i do it is done in second i only use it for website face book  the odd face book video not very offten so far only  2 in month  and  chat area and email and listen to musice most what  i care about is good ping and coverage

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