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  1. I will keep a lookout. In Huntington right now and still seeing 310-120. Will be heading to Charleston area in a day or so.
  2. Hopefully T-Mobile will hire the majority of these people losing their jobs. Such a tough time to be looking for a new job. Shentel to reduce 30% of company's workforce as sale to T-Mobile is finalized (newsleader.com)
  3. So my guess is T-Mobile will hold off on doing anything network related to their towers in the Shentel area and Shentel will just do regular maintenance until the deal is closed in 2Q21. If that is the case they will be pretty far behind on combining the two networks in this area. Kind of a bummer since the T-Mobile network in Shentel's footprint lags way behind Shentel's network as well as the other two big networks. 😪
  4. Hopefully once the Shentel purchase has gone through T-Mobile will just throw their antennas and any other equipment needed onto Shentel towers and be done with it. I'd hate to be thrown on T-Mobile's current towers in my area as there are so few in WV and coverage is spotty at best without many more.
  5. If they pass on that options what's the next step? Is that the one where Shentel gets T-mobile's customers?
  6. Well fiddlesticks, the anticipation/stress is killer for you guys i'm sure.
  7. As in Shentel? Wonder if they'll be affiliates for T-mobile or if they'll buy the wireless business outright.
  8. How can you tell that is a massive MIMO site? I thought the MM notation in SignalCheck was for mini-macro Nokia equipment?
  9. Thanks! Saves me from driving up there just because i'm nosey haha.
  10. Just noticed in the most recent coverage maps that it now shows coverage all the way up the Ohio side of route 7 (Ohio River Scenic Byway). This area used to have no coverage at all. Four or five months ago LTE coverage showed up on the maps around Crown City, Ohio and I went up that way and still had no service. The next month the map was updated and the coverage shown had been removed. Anyone know if this is accurate?
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