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  1. I sent you a pm. My Airave 4 is still blinking red LTE and calls are not working. Airave support has been dismal none are aware of the configuration error you mentioned and are zero help.
  2. After a long time on the phone supposed to get a return kit now, but still have to Airave lines. The old Airave 3 under one line, it says Airrve coverage. The new Airave 4 under a different line. It Says Voice/LTE Service Enhancement. Is that what all new Airave 4 lines say? No one seems to know how to cancel the Airave 3 line I sent back in.
  3. It looks like Sprint sent out a lot of unactivated Airave 4s. The first I received was unactivated. When I called in spent 2 hours with them trying to activate it. They took the serial number and Mac I'd and was unable to add it to their system. Said the device was not in their list and it would not let them add it. The supervisor tried to add it then finally advanced tech support got involved and was also unable to add it to their system. They sent me out a new one but forgot the return kit for the unactivated Airave 4. They activated the second Airave 4 in a new line, so I have the old Airave 3 that I sent back on a line and the new Airave 4 on a separate line. Been on the phone for an hour trying to get this resolved. They now have me at account services and the new person is confused.
  4. I am have an issue with my Airave 3 also. For the last two months my wife's s7 edge will only connect to LTE from the Airave. She misses calls and texts. If I switch to 3g mode only it connects perfect to the CDMA on the Airave. It worked perfect on my Pixel 2 XL. Had to send my Pixel 2 XL into Google and am using my Nexus 6p and it has the same issue LTE only unless I switch to 3g mode only. On 3g mode only it will connect perfect to the Airave cdma. Tech support thinks it is the Airave and is sending a replacement they said. I was thinking it might be some kind of other issue. On regular Sprint signal it works fine connects to both cdma and LTE
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