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  1. I think I may have found my issue with slow LTE. Are you using a Galaxy S9 unlocked?

  2. B25 enabled.... TM9TDD disabled TM9FDD disabled
  3. Trying to attach screen shots but the attachment size keeps getting smaller on here
  4. Yes I tried but they didn't have any demos with a sim they were all wifi connected.
  5. I went to the Sprint store and got anew sim it didn't help much
  6. I am not at all a tech like everyone on this forum I just learn what I can from everyone at least what I can understand. I wonder if I try blocking whatever band is giving me these speeds maybe that would help. Today I went to Sprint Corp store and talked them into giving me a new SIM card it helped a little on download (not much) but not at all on my upload. How can I tell what band I am on maybe I can try forcing it to use a different band. I am just grasping at straws now because it is functional but not $800 functional
  7. Not sure if this info is needed as well.
  8. Hello Everyone This is now my Favorite Forum I have learned more on this forum then any other. I would like to see if anyone would be able to help me with my new Sprint Galaxy S9+. It is Factory unlocked on the sprint network. I am in the Dallas Tx area and ever since upgrading to the S9 I get horrible network speeds. My download is never good and my upload is almost nonexistent. I have been to 3 sprint corp. stores as well as many hours on the line with sprint CS nothing has worked. The Tech at the corp repair store told me it was my APN and to contact Samsung. (because he was using APN2 EHRPD and I was using APN LTE). But from this forum I have learned how to switch that and it didn't help at all. Any suggestions or feedback would be great thanks again. See attachments for more info
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