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  1. skymax

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Hi all, I was googleing " SM-G965U " and I found this thread. To make a long story short...my phone is SM-G965U (AT&T unlocked). I was wondering if i can use this phone for unlimited BYOD free plan? I got the message "This phone can't be activated Sorry, but this phone can't be activated with Sprint service." by using this checker. https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/bring-your-phone-to-sprint.html?INTNAV=LP:BYOD Does my only option now is to wait for Samsung to released "brand switching" for the S9+? Can I go corporate store and ask them to activate the ESN or do a "clickit ticket" in order to whitelist my S9+. Sorry, I have no idea what is the "clickit ticket" ....just googleing and trying to solve the puzzle. Thanks all!