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  1. Hey does anyone know when the LG G2 will get the ota update for wifi calling????
  2. im connecting to band 26 in Colorado springs but I don't know what GCI 0841CE011 what tower is that?? PCI is 305 and TAC is 16923 thanks!!
  3. Im in colo springs what is GCI/PCI what does that mean?? I could do some locations for you! is that Lte 800?
  4. I have the lg g2 and just started seeing band 26 in my apt but its only 1 bar of lte why is that and how long till I can get more bars on my lg g2??
  5. what is the msl code for my lg g2 phone??
  6. will Lte 800 work better in apt complex I barely get 4g lte inside my apt and it keeps switching back and fourth with 800 voice
  7. I just got the LG G2 phone and I was wondering what the service code to edit the lte screen for the band 41 is.
  8. I have the Samsung galaxy s4 regular and I was wondering if sprint is going to add wi-fi calling on my phone anytime soon?? thanks?
  9. How do I see band 26 on my galaxy s4 is there a setting or code to find out what band im on???
  10. i was up there last night and my s4 didn't even roam at all?? why is that?? I turned off the phone and turned it back on and still didn't work??
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