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  1. Searobbins

    Gear S3 Frontier

    At work (on a ship) it might only show 3-4 flights of stairs in a day. Although, i probably do at least a hundred. At a waterslide last year it showed that I climbed about 300 flights of stairs. So, I think the 12 steps is accurate. Also, it is still working after all that. I'd feel safe swimming with it.
  2. Searobbins

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Don't know why. But, my MB is slower than my phone. Phone gets up to 12Mbps in house. Although that is standing in a couple of spots. Other places can get up to 7. In general service is in and out depending on where I am in house. Magic box doesn't connect in the good spots. So, I get a steady 4 everywhere.
  3. Searobbins

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Support said they would put a ticket in and contact me later
  4. Searobbins

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Zip is 02559
  5. Searobbins

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    On my second magic box. Neither connects to towers. Got tired or trying all the windows of my house to get error 40. So, I drove to various towers. I can have strong b41 signal on phone but magic box spits out error 30. Tech support says to keep trying different windows at home. I asked them if it doesn't work at a tower, why would it work a mile and a half away from one? Any ideas?