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  1. I noticed the MB was removed from my account today. So only took 3 days since it was delivered. Not bad. (i originally looked at the wrong tracking info, the one for the incoming return kit...oops. that the Friday before i contacted Sprint. MB was delivered to them Tues. Removed by Fri of same week.)
  2. I was able to get the Sprint chat to work: Sprint do not charge the customer for Magic Box, the device get receive at the ware house however it may take few more days to get it update in inventory. Be assured there would be no charge in your account for Magic Box, as soon as the device get update in inventory the number will be remove from your account. The process is not manual , i wish if i could do it for you right now. However it is automatic feature. The line get remove automatically from account once the device get update in Inventory. Do not worry, the number get remove very soon. As there is no charge for the Magic Box so there would be no difference in your account. Only line number get remove, rest of the things would be same. If it is showing delivered that means the device is returned now, i was correct the inventory is not updated yet. It will take 4-5 more days to get it update in inventory.
  3. There automated system just keeps hanging up on me. I try to use the app on phone or login into the Spritn account via website. I keep getting "Connection error try again later." or some whit page with some html code says 404 oject not found.
  4. How long does it take for Sprint to process the return and remove the Magic Box form your account? Tracking shows "Trailer Dropped" 3 days at at 9am. So its been delivered to them.
  5. Wow. Sprint sent me 2 large boxes...same as the one the MB came in. One has the RMA paper for the MB...the other, the PCS return kit envelop with the return label. Both boxes had the cardboard shell thing for the MB. It does say to keep the "battery pack" so no worries there. But now i have 2 extra brown boxes and the original MB box....LOL. what a waste.
  6. I was curious to see what was inside the Gen 2/3 (not sure what it is...has the lcd screen, not the epaper) I haven't seen a full tear-down anywhere... Just removed the top and front and back cover using a plastic trim pry tool. see here: https://imgur.com/a/tHbASsb
  7. I specifically saved the original box and the outer brown shipping box...as the instructions said to. Why they cant just click the button in the UPS portal to email their customer the return label...is beyond me. I also asked about do I have to return the small USB battery pack and cable thingy that came with it. That had a label on it that indicated it was a free item, and to go use it to charge ur devices.....well, i did, and it got lost on a recent trip. The agent on the chat did not know to what i was referring to.
  8. OK. This is confusing. Sprint sent me 2 order confirmation emails. ANd shipping confirmations.RMA001 PCS HANDSET RETURN KIT RTNMAGIC2 MAGIC BOX RETURN BOX VER 2 The email I got says for the order number for the Magic Box return kits says content is the PCS Handset Return Kit.But when i use the Check Order Status page, it lists the MB return.Just have to see what i get. I have read that many folks have just gotten a small bubble envelope to ship a phone back in. I got emails form UPS for both packages. One is 1.8lbs, the other 1lb.
  9. So..now that the Sprint/Tmobile merger is now an official thing....if it gets approved....I wonder what happens to Sprint Magic Box. Will they then be able to work? Be dual band devices?https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/29/1...-mobile-merger
  10. Age of the building doesn't necessarily matter. Its the building materials that does. Metal and stucco constitution is well known for being RF signal blockers. In some circumstances, they act as a Faraday Cage. (My grandparent's home was built in 1864...had thin walls and poor insulation. Gets any cell signal fine.) Anywho...U must not have any towers close by that have a stronger signal than the MB then...is my guess. Like I said, my phone sees a stronger signal from another tower and switches to it. There is no way to force it to stay on the MB signal (perhaps there is via root, but I am not going to root). Also, i had it setup for about 2 months....and "1" is the only number "Users" it ever reported. which was me. So now one around me has Sprint i guess. At least i had some fun giving it a try. It also made a nice "nightlight" and clock for my living room.
  11. My complex is 3 floors and about 400 feet long (so says Google Maps scale). It was built in 1974 and is all concrete, metal, and stucco(so has metal mesh all around the outer walls. I am in a 3rd floor comer unit with the MB set set on the far back north facing wall where it gets full B41 signal and i get very good speeds in my unit.. The locations i would hope the MB would reach are only halfway down the complex(to the South facing East/West), on the first floor. However, when i go down to first floor, unless i am directly below my unit on the second floor, or up to 2 units down the hall from it in either direction, my phone will connect to a B25 tower that reports a stronger overall signal and will get very slow speeds. With the exception of the North side of the complex, it will connect to the B41 tower that the MB is connected to and will get good speeds. In the end, its a neat "toy" but their rateing of 30,000 feet range is crap. Maybe that is open air point to point measurement. Or its the construction materials of my complex that are severely hurting the range.
  12. well...sure. They gotta have some plan to try and get their network to the level of the other major networks. I've tested them all in my area, sure, Sprint has its places where is very strong and good speed, but 7 out of 10 times, when i am in a spot where i want to stream video, or just decide to check the data speeds at the location...its terrible. I end up having to move a bit to see if i can get better speed to stream smoothly. When i tested Tmobile and VZW, every place i tried was great. The idea of these micro cell towers they call "Magic Box" is good for business and retail stores, malls etc. Places where others will be in and out and may not take the time to switch to the free wifi that may be also be at the same location. But home use, why wouldn't u just use your own home wifi? (Unless u have very bad ISP with slower than Sprint speeds. Even then u have a tether cap so u can't really use Sprint LTE as your home ISP.) A buddy of mine asked his boss at Starbucks about getting a M.B for the store....but he was like "why...we have free wifi that is much faster?". I contacted Sprint via tech support chat to inquire about the MB....not expecting to be offered one, but they did. Had it for a while now. Tested it heavily for the first few weeks, now, it sits unplugged. Why would i use the Sprint LTE at my home when my home has Fiber speeds via wifi. I was hoping it would have the range to cover my entire apartment complex, mainly down in the lobby/mailroom and party room and exercise room, where there is no wifi. But it doesn't even come close to that. My home wifi reaches 2x as far as the MB LTE signal. I tired to ask for the return kit, but had no success the 2 times i called. and the chat is always closed when i have the time to use it. EDIT: Also in the news, Sprint and Tmobile are in preliminary merger talks.....again.
  13. tlhIngan Hop Dunmo' Hol puS English Hol. (Klingon is far better language than English) I also was editing my post when u replied.
  14. Ur kinda hard to understand with ur paragraph long one sentence posts. but i think i get what ur saying. (not native English i assume) Ur at a good signal location already if ur phone is getting good speeds without the MB. The purpose of the MB is for fringe locations with poor data speed to get better speeds..
  15. Well...i and several others I have chatted with (who live in other states) have never seen anything above 9megs upload. Where as, all other carriers, get 40-100 upload easy in same locations. Again, how does one check to see if they are on a 5x5 or 10x10? I see signal check pro sometimes say like B25 with a little 3 next to it? but its only when i am on B41 do i get any good speeds at all here.
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