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  1. I'm getting lost in the CT siting website, looking for Fairfield county permits. Any way to look up permits by town ?
  2. It seems Sprint is going to try to leap frog to 5g, rolling out a year from now. What's actually required for them to do that ? How much is hardware vs software ? For instance, is a b41 antenna all the hardware required , only the software needs to be updated ? Does it require 8T8R antenna ? If an antenna is updated to 5g, will it still work for 4g or only 5g ?
  3. Seandarcy

    5g : what's required ?

    B41 includes 2496MHz - 2690MHz. Isn't that all the spectrum Sprint has in the 2.5+ GHz spectrum ? What other spectrum would it be using for 5g ?
  4. Seandarcy

    5g : what's required ?

    So even 8T8R won't work for 5g ? This means none of the existing facilities will work for 5g. Every tower needs new antennas. Wow, that's a lot of money ! I thought they could use some of the existing equipment. Hard to see how Sprint can upgrade and expand 4g, and also add 5g everywhere.