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  1. Hi. Good Day! Will the Magic Box Generation 1 that Sprint used for trials, be getting the Magic Box software update to enable VOLTE? Thank you.
  2. Hi. Good Day! Will someone that has access to the Magic Box to Please kindly put me on the list for me to kindly receive the GEN3 (4th iteration) Magic Box and please kindly prioritize me kindly on this list so I will kindly receive the GEN3 (4th iteration) Magic Box. If you kindly need additional information, please kindly direct message me. I will kindly look forward to hearing from someone that has access to the Magic Box via direct message. Have A Great Day! Thank you
  3. Thank you. I heard that Sprint offers the S1000 LTE femtocell that does not go onto a account. I have been told by a Magic Box project lead that the CommScope S1000 LTE femtocell does not have to be attached to an account of any kind
  4. Hi. How Can I get ahold of an Airave 3 LTE for prepaid accounts. The Airave 3 LTE is really needed at my location. Thank you.
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