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  1. I have no idea if they are reasonable for LTE, my main point was, on average, friends and workers were getting 12, 15, 18 download from home and various spots in the metro and I was averaging 2 to 3, which is a big difference. Yes, I use WiFi at home, it would be foolish and a network hog to use carrier data if I don't have to. Maybe speeds will get even faster with the newest new network LTE Plus.
  2. The problem is at my home, 106th and Quivira behind the hospital. This screen shot is as fast network speed I get. Glance
  3. Then Sprint needs to update their systems as it shows that tower gone and no longer associated with that address. And if that tower is that close then there's a bigger problem.
  4. I think there was a rooftop tower at College and Quivira and the spectrum included my home. About 18 months ago my speed dropped or no access. After research that tower ID was associated at a different address, closer to 119th and Quivira. I thought maybe a new tower would b installed on top of new hospital after construction but no. The tower at 103 and 69, 95th and Quivira are not in range
  5. David, I have the iPhone 6+, one year old. I typically hit 3M download and 785K upload. I think Sprint removed a tower near my house. I am at 106th and Quivira. I captured this about 10 minutes ago.
  6. wow, jealous. I am at 106th and Quivira and I am lucky to get 4 Mbps download. My data speeds were better on Clear, LTE is pathetic.
  7. And I think there will be less and less "sensitive" information in the Playbook. If it is an NDA project or private it will not be added. Sprint is very aware it is not a secure document.
  8. You are right, I should have said coverage. It's so frustrating being in an area that is just out of coverage and everything around me is covered. I guess I need patience LOL I get LTE at home off and on but it's just not reliable yet and the signal strength is usually above 114 dBM and the speeds when connected are certainly better than WiMax but not what they will be when my tower NV enabled. Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. Has anyone heard when LTE will be 100% deployed in the KC metro area? I mean KC and the surrounding suburbs in KS and MO, such as Overland Park, Olathe, Grandview, Belton, etc.?
  10. The tower on Hampton near the Tom Thumb and Country Burger had NV turned on a few days ago. A friend of mine who lives on Marvin Ave is getting download speeds of about 9 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload.
  11. http://now.sprint.com/airave/?ECID=vanity:airaveaccesspoint Click the See how the Airave works link on the right for a graphic. http://now.sprint.com/airave/files/AIRAVE_Access_Point_FAQs.pdf?INTMKT=MKT:MS:20121004:AIR:MSU:EEE:FAQs25
  12. While Sprint owns VM as well as Boost they are basically considered MVNO within Sprint. They are on the same network but are pre-paid services, use a completely different billing and customer support system, and are not visible in Sprint's database used by care agents. They are a part of Sprint but not Sprint so that's why.
  13. Thanks, before the last update I could hit the power button and any menu key at the same time very lightly and if pressed just right it would take a print. I heard that worked for all android devices but that features stopped working. I will check the app store, thanks
  14. There have been no significant changes to suppport and deselecting any North American contact centesrs. May have routed due to a call center being down, overflow, etc. Also, routing can also be determined based on information entered in the IVR.
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