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  1. That's insane. I wish I could get like 10 down. The signal strength/speed in my area remains the same. Today's speed tests, average download 2mbps and upload 2.2mbps. My biggest issue is my phone flipping between 3G and LTE (when it goes to 3G the speeds are atrocious)
  2. Thanks for the response. If I go out about a mile south towards 36, I get lte plus speeds but over where I am it keeps switching between 3G and LTE quite frequently. Really hoping signal strength gets better. I don't even care if I don't get the fastest of speeds. Really want a good stable LTE connection. On the coverage maps I see a lot of holes in this area which is why I was wondering. Thanks again, keeping my fingers crossed
  3. Hello is there any news of signal improvement planned any time soon in the Avon area? It's very spotty out here.
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