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  1. VoLTE working great on my s10 in Houston and upstate NY
  2. Great, thank you for the explanation!
  3. So minus the GUI changes to show volte instead of calling plus, are you saying that the actual implementation to switch over to volte can come in the form of a profile update? i.e. to change the APN and such? Thanks
  4. Thank you, and for whoever asked earlier I will point out that there is no volte in this update. This might have been rather obvious given the update size but still its always possible. I guess we keep on keepin on waiting
  5. Yup, no VoLTE I can confirm. I do have a question though. The last galaxy I had before my s9 was the s2 so I am not too familiar with how their baseband radio updates work. For the s9 does the baseband version change every time there is a system update regardless if there is actually new radio firmware? The reason I ask is because every security update we get the baseband version changes but the update size seems too small to contain radio firmware too. I used htc phones for the past 6 years or so and the baseband version would only change when there was new radio firmware.
  6. Finally! Does your contact happen to know when it will get it?
  7. Thanks, other users reported that above. I assume your s9 is unlocked?
  8. Totally agree with your vibe statement. FYI I was born and raised in endwell lol
  9. It seems to be back to normal now that I did a profile update and changes the band priorities back to the way I had them and rebooted. Once it caught b41 it now stays on it like normal.
  10. I have. Didn't really think much of it until you said something too but yeah at home where I'm right next to a b41 clear site and always on it I've been stuck on a weak b26 signal. Same symptoms at work too which is downtown I am not on b41 like I used to be
  11. Did you get the update from the 31st too or no?
  12. Ha.. look at this. The next day I got this email from Hulu.
  13. Anyone who has the free hulu streaming service with Sprint get one of these emails lately? I did not cancel it and my bill is always up to date. Just curious, thanks! Hulu <hulu@hulumail.com> Sat, Aug 25, 4:59 PM (4 days ago) to me We're sorry to see you go. Hi Dean, This is a confirmation that your Hulu subscription will be canceled on 09/24/2018. Until then, you can keep enjoying all the Hulu you want. You can reactivate your Hulu account at any time to keep watching.
  14. 3xCA? The Clearwire converted tower near my house went from 1 carrier to 3 last week and while I know there are now 3 carriers I am not sure if all 3 are aggregated, not sure if sprint is starting to roll this out but I got over 200mbps many times!! I ran another speed test yesterday and this is what i got!
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