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  1. This worked with my s9 so i downloaded an older version of smart switch and i now have the initialization option but get this error when i put in the model and s/n
  2. So i have both the pc app and phone app updated but i still dont see any option to downgrade... am i missing something?
  3. The current version of smart switch doesnt allow me to choose the device initialization to restore firmware like an older version did. Anyone else have this problem
  4. Thanks, btw do you know how to rollback the beta and install the stock rom? I used to do it via smart switch but I no longer see that option.
  5. Anyone been able to actually download the beta? I've been registered for a couple days now and nothing. Thanks
  6. Great, thank you for the explanation!
  7. So minus the GUI changes to show volte instead of calling plus, are you saying that the actual implementation to switch over to volte can come in the form of a profile update? i.e. to change the APN and such? Thanks
  8. Thank you, and for whoever asked earlier I will point out that there is no volte in this update. This might have been rather obvious given the update size but still its always possible. I guess we keep on keepin on waiting
  9. Yup, no VoLTE I can confirm. I do have a question though. The last galaxy I had before my s9 was the s2 so I am not too familiar with how their baseband radio updates work. For the s9 does the baseband version change every time there is a system update regardless if there is actually new radio firmware? The reason I ask is because every security update we get the baseband version changes but the update size seems too small to contain radio firmware too. I used htc phones for the past 6 years or so and the baseband version would only change when there was new radio firmware.
  10. Finally! Does your contact happen to know when it will get it?
  11. Thanks, other users reported that above. I assume your s9 is unlocked?
  12. Totally agree with your vibe statement. FYI I was born and raised in endwell lol
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