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  1. A ground mount site in Milledgeville, GA was upgraded from GMO 1900 LTE to a full Band 25/26/41 setup. Apparently, this tower had one of the lowest utilization rates in GA....given there was zero band 41 within about 40 minutes of that site in any direction, I imagine they're doing some serious expansion in central GA now.
  2. In person, it looks like the traditional Band 41 and Band 25/26 antenna you see a lot in Georgia. They've also added the same Band 41 antenna to the existing band 25/26 site in town.
  3. Band 41 is coming to Milledgeville, GA it looks like. This site (top rack...bottom rack is VZ LTE only) was a LTE GMO site with legacy antennas until last Friday. This tower is located by the lake on the border of Baldwin and Putnam. Only band 25 being broadcast currently. Speeds of ~25 Mbps on an iPhone 6. The congested site in town has yet to be updated. They also need to invest in mounting antennas on some of the water towers that are currently still LTE holes
  4. Is there a minimum amount to be a sponsor? I donated a small amount (college student here...lol) but still haven't been updated
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