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  1. @AwesomeMinerApp benchmarking excavator isn't working after 4.6.1. Says awesome.json is invalid.

  2. I just earned the 'Night Out' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/BFMaeEjGf6

  3. @TMobileHelp Not getting any service in southeast Columbus. Nearest intersection is Williams Rd/Groveport Rd, Zip code 43207.

  4. @ODOT_Columbus there's a road closed sign on the corner of Williams & Alum Creek heading west towards Groveport Rd. How long will this last?

  5. I’ll have to try again. I’m on the iOS 11 beta so I’m wondering if I need a carrier update I’m not getting because of the beta. Good news is I’ll probably get one Tuesday.
  6. How long did it take for your iPhone to connect to it?
  7. Past resident at my apartment must have had an MG https://t.co/nqDPtQL1M0

  8. Sold mine. Scratches way too easily. My iPhone has been naked since day one and not a single mark. My LG was covered in scratches in less than 30 days, including the camera lens. I got most of them out with rubbing compound but meh. I want another android phone but I hope I can find one where the quality is better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Anyone have any anecdotal experiences in Lancaster? Will be moving there next week.
  10. I'm on the same page now. A lot of people are definitely overthinking it including me. Downlink signal doesn't change, only uplink and only when the data connection is not idle. I knew HPUE was a Tx power increase on the uplink/handset side, not sure why this didn't click. There's no real way to tell unless I started streaming a movie near a tower with two devices and starting walking away from it. My disappointment in my office was due to band switching at idle. When I'm streaming music I'm pretty sure the G6 does not drop to B26 like the iPhone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The question then is how can it be measured? What are the real benefits? I think a lot of people are confused about HPUE in general. Maybe a FAQ/Sticky could be created. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. HPUE doesn't appear to be working everywhere. Signal is near identical on 7+ and G6 in my office. Both devices change to B26 if I look at them wrong or breathe too deeply.
  13. Is the 3xCA widespread yet? I work in SE Columbus near Obetz, still seeing only 2xCA. Not going to complain, I still see speeds close to 100mbit outside and 50mbit at my desk.
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