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  1. Got around to watching “Gringo,” the McAfee documentary on Netflix. It was very good, although I’d think a little b… https://t.co/b3FF0M8Zp3

  2. RT @GrecianFormula: Informed prediction: We hit #Syria in 3-5 hours.

  3. RT @CarolLeonnig: EXCLUSIVE -- @realDonaldTrump lawyer is under investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and violations of electi…

  4. If they find him guilty Thabo Mbeki will never be able to stop laughing.

  5. RT @lessdismalsci: At some point there needs to be a larger reckoning about how post Columbine the media really fouled up the school shoote…

  6. EFF causes chaos, confusion at Nelson Mandela Bay council meeting where motion of no confidence in mayor Athol Trol… https://t.co/OoB9s9VzvB

  7. RT @Timodc: “The politician x got $ in exchange for dead kids” isn’t just rhetorically out of bounds it is also wrong and counterproductive…

  8. He was unopposed and the GOP had no way of removing him, because in the U.S. the parties don’t have that type of co… https://t.co/Hlq2SjdJuA

  9. Kelly has shown to have very few strengths and the backbone of Paul Ryan with the maturity of Anthony Scaramucci. https://t.co/UF5UJPqAsu

  10. RT @mindyfinn: I'm amused by GOPers now claiming that #PA18 is only close b/c Lamb is more like a Republican than a Democrat. How is admitt…

  11. RT @tomgara: Judge sentences Shkreli to two years as White House Communications Director

  12. 1) the Sanders/Australian Labor story is weird. It makes no sense why the ALP would pay for volunteers to go to hel… https://t.co/OKaAp0e9ww

  13. Yes, make your “ambulance” jokes. The service is for scheduled, non-emergency visits - and unlike regular Uber can… https://t.co/rMot2loXNz

  14. Guys, the City of Baton Rouge finally got a new website that doesn’t look like it was last updated in 1996. https://t.co/505CTOskat

  15. If “alcohol and coffee help you live past 90,” I’m literally never going to die.