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  1. I know in some of the areas up there commnet is building the towers and the carriers rent. The Harris park tower is massive with a single set of antennas at the top but people that can see it are hit and miss getting a signal. I have all four carriers but no roaming so it will likely be useless for me. The area we camp in is around Jefferson/ Kenosha pass. I won't be able to test until spring but according to the maps you lose Sprint just after the pass, it's AT&T 2G and Verizon 3G into Jefferson and you won't pick up TMO until you head down 77 towards Tarryall. The outer fringes of a band 12 boomer cuts the Rock creek area in half but I'm not putting too many eggs in that basket. I got a signal from AT&T on the front half of rock creek last year but only in the morning. By 9 AM the tower had breathed and we were down to TnT. Before we start the summer travels up there I will become a sponsor if I can. I'm pretty sure I have all the native bands that can be connected to up there covered, just no roaming. Apps can be added to the R+ and cricket phone, the hotspot managers will tell me what they are connected to.
  2. T-Mobile vs Sprint here. I have devices on both. There are areas that T-Mobile serves me better but T-Mobile drops the signal over and over on the way in to downtown. During heavy use times I can have a pretty decent signal and not have a internet connection, pretty sad when the antenna is blocks from your house. It goes from that to over 8 Mbps at midnight here at the house. High teens out and about. The Sprint towers are farther from me at the house, I never get higher speeds but then again it stays connected. The signal rarely drops out around town and on the right towers it's zoom zoom. Up in the mountains I am hoping TMO's band 12 works out as it's the only LTE up there. Other than that it's red and blue 2 and 3G, I'll be surprised if I pick up any Sprint signal.
  3. How long ago. From what I understand, you have to be able to make a phone call every so often or they deactivate the account. That's why I have a LG Tribute duo on R+ instead of a real hotspot. The free hotspot option on the Leo 4 plan is why I stay with the free 1200 MB's instead of upgrading to one of the more generous plans that charge to use the hotspot.
  4. The Duo is suppose to support bands 25, 26, and 41. All I know of the Mingle is that it is Spark enabled. I'll know more once I get signal check.
  5. To add King Soopers at 9th and Corona. Mingle 33+ download, 16+ up, ping 78. Best down with LG Tribute Duo 27+. KFC at Chambers and I 70 was the opposite. The Duo peaked out just above 27 down/ 16 up and the mingle was running 17 down. In either case I won't notice the difference for my needs and am glad to see the R+ and FP accounts are not throttled. Also while the Duo is newer, the Mingle was advertised as Sprints first Spark enabled hotspot and not as limited as I first thought. In any event, all this speed testing has burnt though the data on the two plans so it'll be a while before I can do more.
  6. Freedompop does not allow for hotspots to be BYOD. You can bring a phone in to their more generous plans but even if you buy the hotspot from them it is the basic 500 MB data plan for free. The Mifi is currently $169 on their site.
  7. was in the Goodrich/ Grand Blanc area in November and was surprised to pick up a LTE signal everywhere I went including the house out in the sticks. It was a funeral so no time for speed test and such. I was just happy to see it getting a signal.
  8. Hi, I am Jim. I live in Green Valley Ranch near I 70 and Tower. I am pretty new to all of this having got a Mingle to use on Freedompop a few months ago. Since then I also picked up a LG Tribute Duo for use on RingPlus. I have the Leo 4 plan with 1400/1400/1200 and free tethering, the usual 1 gig free on Freedompop. Here both devices get 0-1 bar of signal with LTE and the 3G coverage is strong. Speed test are pretty low but pages load acceptably except for photobucket. So here I tend to use my Cricket phone as the coverage and speed is better, That advantage leaves as soon as we leave the house which is technically outside of Sprints LTE coverage by a half a block. Once on the road the Sprint signal jumps to at least 50% and higher meaning speed test from 12-23 download so far. I know the Mingle isn't the fastest but I am learning of bands and such. I will be getting a T-Mobile hotspot here soon that I will be able to compare speeds with around town. The reason I have the different low cost solutions is for when we are on the road in the RV. Having multiple carriers will give us the best chance to gain a connection. Combined they will be 17 gigs a month plus Binge on and that's more than enough for us. So besides learning bout the bands and such, I am also interested in coverage in the mountains. Where we camp 20 miles outside of Jefferson at 10.000 ft get TnT all day on AT&T but Data only in the mornings. So far the coverage maps for Sprint and T-mobile are zilch in those areas. So I will learn how to find out what bands I am using and try resetting near the towers to get better. I know the Mingle isn't capable of the highest speed and replacing it for $169 just to get them is not going to happen. One more day of testing and I will have to let the Sprint devices sit as I have already burned through half their allotments for the month. As for the speeds you all are posting, holy cow batman.
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