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  1. Just google speed test and occasionally compare it with fast.com I don’t need exactitude i just want speed, all of it!
  2. I have new sim running balls to the wall....at least no throttling i can detect LTR with a two bar signal hits 20 down...upload is paltry 1.5 though as you would expect with soft signal.
  3. And I went and got me a TMO SIM card.....now phone says T-Mobile in the corner but where in the field test menu do I look to see for sure I’m on GSM? update....prl is 1! So phone is synced to TMO!
  4. I’ve got me an IPhone 12 and I am finding that 5G is robust when I can get it and I find that I get a signal in Big Island Virginia where I’ve never been able to get a sprint signal before so my phone might be able to get TMO 4g too but I am not sure....could also be Shentel put a tower up there recently but I dunno....all I can say is more signal is more better!
  5. I did not know how long it took to go from dev to public but i have the dev profile on this phone and public profile on my ipad, and of course i expect my phone will get the next update and there are a few minor glitches which i have submitted so hope to see them addressed...mostly app weirdness as I expect some apps will have to get some updates to work properly with ios 14+
  6. You can get the 14 developer or public beta profile right now... i dont think Apple is pushing it to 13 testers although i did somehow get pushed from 12 to 13 back when it began.
  7. I am on 14 beta....the morning after I posted the image, the darn thing started working...and I do find that I am on Sprint all the time except when I am definitely roaming...there are places along the James River where I have to be on US Cellular for that's all there is.....however I am getting wall to wall signal in Glasgow, which may be Tmo since I never had anything at there before....except a few seconds of actual Sprint as I pass over the Maury River and intercept the signal out of Buena Vista
  8. Sprint and tmo closely overlap everywhere i go here lately so if i run out of sprint there isn’t any tmo either....so if I can’t have a home signal I’ll be just as likely roaming on USCelluar or on some mysterious extended network oh and i found out that the field test menu is borked in this beta... it loads but displays nothing...oh well it’s early for ios 14, not even warm let alone fully baked
  9. Got carrier update 41.7.34 on my iPhone 11 don't know what it's about but I also have IOS 14 developer beta....yes, living dangerously! No way with IOS to determine which network I been getting but I assume TMO is available.
  10. I'd like to jailbreak...but alas, I am a beta tester so it would go right back to jail with every update which is sometimes days apart!
  11. Well, I know there's no Signal Check for IOS...but how I wish there was. That said...is there an IOS app that can tell a user what Signal Check ferrets out? None and I mean none of the apps I've tried can tell you what network you are roaming on. Maybe Apple prevents the hardware from divulging that info?
  12. I was in the Pikeville area and got native Sprint 3G, Moving toward Prestonsburg I got Extended LTE on what I believe was Appalachian Wireless and held that to north of Louisa.
  13. 4G seems to be down all over Roanoke land.....could be maybe Shentel are putting in some groovy new kit? I hope so. The hole I live in is not conducive to cellular service of any brand, but Sprint has arguably the best chance if Shentel can put the right gear in the nearest tower....like LTE800! So far only has been Band 25...some Band 26 would be boffo for inside reception. Band 41 a cherry on the top for all round performance.
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