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  1. As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt inexplicably refused to release an audit that found evidence of corrup… https://t.co/X1sqdSsPmV

  2. RT @Ba04990897: .@redlobster is advertising during Fox Laura Ingraham Show, after she bullied a teenager. A teenager who survived a mass sh…

  3. Ivanka Trump‘s clothing manufacturing company will be exempt from new proposed tariffs against China. https://t.co/XLRZpiHMlk

  4. Another day, another attempt to use a fake quote to smear a teenaged mass shooting survivor @davidhogg111. https://t.co/V6xbmyKEsC

  5. RT @pat_lee: @PoPoBeiBei @davidhogg111 How sad. Thinking the world’s experts, scientists, scholars, historians, and economists have devoted…

  6. RT @shannonrwatts: An armed and highly trained school resource officer shot a stationary target in the act of committing suicide and still…

  7. ★ Chris Hunsinger by Pat Lee ⇢ @cbhunsinger ⇠ Pat Lee is based in Chicago and available for photography, video and… https://t.co/HGplDaaQlG

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  10. A long-time Toronto psychiatrist, who believes homosexuality is a “sexual disorder” that can be overcome, has been… https://t.co/s7MTvEJNHK

  11. The rats continue to flee the sinking ship. https://t.co/bsnNSRkave

  12. RT @nytopinion: Sycophancy isn’t as easy as it looks. Just ask Jeff Sessions, writes @GailCollins. https://t.co/xp7ToMOjj1

  13. RT @owillis: let me get this straight: did you beat your wife or did you just slap her around a bit? yes or no? https://t.co/a7z9I10jB1

  14. His dad was worried his son kept posting photos of guns after the Parkland massacre. But he kept doing it, displayi… https://t.co/Ub4lSpeYlK

  15. RT @NBCNews: Latest Quinnipiac poll: https://t.co/2gk74zrqAg • 66% of Americans support stricter gun laws • 67% support assault weapons b…