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  1. So... I've only ever updated radios when they were part of a ROM. How do i update to .15 (that's a radio, right) only? And how do i flash back to my current radios if i have problems? I've done plenty of tweaking of my phones in the past, but i've never actually updated the baseband only...
  2. I think perhaps my compass needed calibration.... i just did it, and it seems to be behaving better...
  3. I've had similar issues unless i turn on wifi while using GPS. It's odd, but i've just learned to turn on wifi if GPS acts up... -d
  4. Seems roughly equivalent to charging on USB, yes.
  5. Nope. But they didn't have the 900s out either. I had to ask, and then ask again about matching the online price ($25 per charger plus an extra 10% off for buying 2). They had to call the manager who approved selling them to me for less since their in-store promotion was $20 each with purchase of a phone. They let me have them at that price even though i wasn't buying a phone - or even an AT&T customer! -d
  6. See my comment above about the Nokia one. It's cheap through AT&T right now and works well.
  7. Yup. Got 2 of them from my local AT&T store for $20 each. Love love LOVE them! One on my desk at work and one next to my bed. I always thought wireless charging was a silly luxury that i'd never take advantage of. Now i can't imagine not having it! -david
  8. Where'd you find the code? I can't find a current one online anywhere...
  9. I saw this deal the other day, but (being the instant-gratification type of guy that i am) i stopped in my local AT&T store to see if they had these in stock and if they could match the online prince. The in-store deal they were running was $20 per Nokia wireless charger. It was supposed to be "with purchase of a Nokia phone", but the manager said he'd sell me 2 for $20 each, so i'm a happy guy. I've never tried wireless charging before, but with the battery life not being as stellar as my Note 2, i decided that having a wireless charger on my desk at work would make a lot of sense, and having one next to my bed would make wrestling the charger away from the phone when i get an early morning phone call or email no longer a problem. So far i'm very happy with these, and they work with my Nexus 7, too! At $20 per charger, how can you lose? -d
  10. Hmmm.. called my best friend and my mom. Both said i sounded no different than usual... Maybe i'm always "broken as all hell"...
  11. 32GB white successfully activated and getting LTE
  12. Yay.... i even got the priorities set right!
  13. I'm eagerly awaiting my SIM card's arrival today. I'm wondering if anyone has found out if we can manually activate all 3 of the LTE bands and get tr-band working now. I live in the Chicago area, and it's my understanding that tri-band has been turned on here, so i'd like to try it when my SIM arrives this afternoon. If there's a way to turn it on, how do i know which band i'm using?
  14. Where are you seeing the SIM to activate on your account?
  15. Well... there's also the point about the 32gb version isn't in the Sprint database, so activation isn't possible for these even with a correct SIM...
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