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  1. UNC had fake classes for decades. Not exactly a shining beacon of integrity and higher learning, but I'll give you the other 3.
  2. If you have integration, caller ID works perfectly. Hotspot also works fine, a hangouts VOIP call is just another data session and does not affect hotspot in any way.
  3. TDD is time based, not frequency based. In your example of a 3/2 configuration, in a 5 second time window, for a total of 3 seconds, the full 20mhz will be dedicated to download, and for a total of 2 seconds the full 20mhz will be dedicated to upload. For 20+20 CA a full 40mhz would be dedicated to upload and download respectively during their respective time slots.
  4. I have a 27in monitor here at work. I can rarely fit your posts on a single screen.
  5. I roam on USCC regularly in eastern NC (where I am now). Roamed on them today in the deer stand and had EVDO with the roaming symbol. Updated the PRL and it stayed the same. No pseudo native (like I always see with Carolina West Wireless in the mountains) here in NC with USCC yet Side Note: Nexus 5 was WAY better holding on to EVDO before dropping to roaming, I bounced back and forth in this area with it. The Nexus 6P just parks on roaming before I ever get to this area. The 6P is WAYYYYY better at getting and holding an LTE signal, though.
  6. Seeing little to zero band 26 optimization since band 26 was initially deployed a WHILE ago, does not seem to be any sort of a priority. I call this out on every survey I get sent after interacting with Sprint customer service. Ex. Sitting on band 25, walking into home/office/shopping center and see it drop to band 26, take two more steps and it drops to decently strong (but terribly slow) 3G. It should not (and will not....eventually) be this way. Band 26 needs to be cranked up and tilt adjusted, but at this point I think it is obvious that Raleigh is low priority and they just turned it
  7. Is this a bug? Nexus 6P. Doing a speed test shows that I actually am on LTE. Seen this a few times since I got the phone yesterday.
  8. I just ordered the 4FF (nano) CSIM and USIM so that I am hopefully ready when I finally get the phone. Just hopped on chat twice, first time I said I needed a nano sim for Moto X and they ordered the USIM, hopped back on and said I needed a nano sim for the Moto X Pure Edition and they ordered the CSIM.
  9. This is good to know for when we go back. Their maps however show all data coverage on the island as 1x Extended Data (what she was on) and "International LTE" which is why the rep said she needed to add some kind of world roaming package for a fee. I checked to make sure Data Roaming was turned on, why would her iPhone 6 not latch on to LTE? Did I miss a setting? I'm not very well versed with iPhone settings.
  10. For an additional fee, correct? (at least that is what the VZW rep told her when she called when we first arrived) Since we were always together, she was fine hopping on my hotspot when necessary or just using my phone vs paying extra to verizon
  11. I was just in PR for a week and was very very impressed with the B25 coverage, much better than Raleigh. I only fell back to 3G twice that I noticed and those were very short lived, and once was in the rain forest. The LTE speeds on the other hand were....bad. The fastest I saw was 2.8mbps and I was often under 1mbps with an excellent signal. They badly need Spark. Is B26 planned on the island? I don't think it would be necessary for coverage from what I saw, but an additional carrier would surely be beneficial speed-wise. EDIT: Never mind, I see that it is not possible, shame. Also,
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