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  1. RT @WomensHumor: Sounds like me! https://t.co/std46qPyGj

  2. Macro shots of random plant life in the front lawn #macrophotography… https://t.co/4a6HnjmN8x

  3. RT @GoogleFacts: In the ancient world, the concept of race did not exist.

  4. I forgot to post this when I took the test. Band 41 site near Maple Grove & Franklin in Boise. Since then Band 41 has made its way into Nampa. I can't upload the pic but here is the link https://twitter.com/dback02/status/535249526127603713?s=09
  5. RT @_andieeann: 'Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up.'

  6. This is amazing news. This is big for Sprint, they need more rural coverage
  7. Market - Idaho Location - Boise, ID, 83704 TAC - 18436 Band - 25 and 26
  8. RT @DaneCook: I wanna make fun of some profile pix. Time to play #DaneCookDoYouLikeMyProfilePic and INCLUDE that hashtag or I won't see it.…

  9. Market - Idaho Location - Nampa, ID, 83651 TAC - 18434 Band - 25 and 26 I'll check Boise when I go to work
  10. My G2 and Nexus were really good RF wise, but my G3 seems to transition between 3G/B26/B25 and stay connected to LTE much better. I got decently big hands so the G3 is pretty easy one handed. The G3 also has WiFi calling. The S3 will be a decent midrange device with Tri-band
  11. RT @GoogleFacts: Not having enough sex puts you at risk of anxiety, paranoia and depression.

  12. RT @drunk: What I do when I'm blackout drunk is none of my business

  13. RT @brotips: 10 Text Phrases That Will Leave You in the Friend Zone http://t.co/tEKkKiiZQx

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