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  1. That is not the email I received. Mine says: This email is intended to confirm that Sprint has successfully submitted the request to unlock the device to Apple. Within 4 hours, your device will be ready to unlock so please follow the steps in both of the Apple support articles below to complete the device unlock your phone. This will unlock the iPhone you requested for international use. Please note inserting and testing the international SIM while here in the US will not work. You will need to be in the foreign country before you can test the unlock. If you do have any trouble at that point please contact the number below. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Did you get an email from Sprint "intlunlockesc@sprint.com" confirming that they have received the unlock request from Apple? I should also specify that there was no code. I did a full restore and had the T-Mobile SIM in went it started the activation process.
  3. I called in February 19 and asked for the unlock code for an iPhone 6+. It was fully paid off from an inactive account. They said the system was not ready but they could request the international unlock code. I received the international unlock code. I put in a T-Mobile SIM and did a full erase content and setting. Voila... T-Mobile works perfectly fine. I also tried a Verizon SIM and it also worked flawlessly.
  4. A friend of mine cancelled his sprint service a month ago. Does he need to be an active customer or can he call in to unlock the phone?
  5. They did. At least from my perspective. Go Giants! [emoji5]
  6. I received a text today that most "upgrades would be completed within the next month in my area." Los Angeles is my area of course.
  7. Good article. Obviously, there are a number of reasons for the delay. However, Sprint was too optimistic in its ability to upgrade its network as projected. The question will be can they get things right sized before any significant contract customers can leave. Specifically, there are likely a large number of iPhone 4S customers whose contracts end beginning this October,
  8. That's interesting as that was not the case Friday night. No data and texts were significantly delayed.
  9. I'm in Chicago for the weekend and noticed pervasive LTE but slow speeds. It's changed today with 6 down and 3 up. However, I was disappointed with capacity issues at crowded venues.
  10. I was there Thursday night and had the same experience. What's odd is that there were a number of COWs outside the park near the bleachers.
  11. Los Angeles seems to be off and on. It's progressing, but it seems like they have slowed down a bit. I'm hoping its like Chicago and we start seeing big acceptances soon.
  12. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but Sprint moderator states Los Angeles is 24.67% complete. http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/101040?start=135&tstart=0
  13. Single filer Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. I was in Pasadena today and noted that data was on 1x and had difficulty placing calls. Hopefully, that means they are in the process of updating most of the towers that haven't been completed.
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