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  1. @walmarthelp no reply?

  2. @crazyhorse2126 oh do fuck off!

  3. So @Jason_Aldean is just another clueless libtard spouting off about guns... #notsurprised

  4. @sahluwal https://t.co/LJzqsrfr9D

  5. @BayerUS I, and my family will no longer purchase any of your products until you reverse this terrible decision. Ho… https://t.co/13mTfpxqRJ

  6. @Nutrish https://t.co/lMkFZrO2AZ

  7. @Delta so you helped some of the future fascists of Amerika fly to the anti-gun rally? Well I will never got your p… https://t.co/MkAMwX4z06

  8. RT @KrisParonto: By the way, as you’re on your way out I want to thank you, James and your @HillaryClinton supporting hacks at the @FBI for…

  9. @MarkWarner why the hell would we defend a corrupt, totally political witch hunt? This is nothing but a democRAT at… https://t.co/nSxdUG5sUz

  10. @davidhogg111 says uneducated the PAID spokes-child for the democRAT anti-gun agenda. You have ZERO credibility wit… https://t.co/aVkZ7KfNbR

  11. RT @Xiaxue: @danarel @danarel raped me and his penis is tiny. https://t.co/cJZhAJgJQp

  12. @SenatorMenendez oh do fuck off

  13. @ThorntonsInc told the gal at your SW Terre Haute store two Powerball tickets. I was in a hurry paid,and put them i… https://t.co/sm1vdQBPYX

  14. @davidhogg111 wow aren't you quite the little Soros paid Twitter-monkey? You can tweet out the libtard party line,… https://t.co/m95vqRdT6o

  15. RT @KatiePavlich: Boycotts work both ways, thanks for the handy list of places where five million+ people will no longer spend their hard e…

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