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  1. gilmikalian

    LG G3

    Maybe a state to state thing? In Cali, they charge you the tax on the non-subsidized price.
  2. gilmikalian

    LG G3

    Recently picked up a G3 from Best Buy, they price matched Amazon at $50, I had the $50 credit for signing up with Best Buy earlier in the year. I just paid about $70 in taxes (when with 2 year re-up). Plus I get the extra battery and charger for free. This is has got to be the best bang for the buck right now. The G3 is a beast.
  3. gilmikalian

    LG G3

    Here, of course... http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/6257-samsung-galaxy-note-4/ Note 4 does not have Cat6 modem, no B41. Honestly, that is not a deal killer for me. I like the G3 for its form factor and it seems to at least match the Note 4 blow for blow. The fact that LG's skin seems lighter than TouchWiz is the icing on the cake. I just want to know if there is any obvious advantage the N4 has over the G3, cause I can't find any. (again, with the exception of the S-pen)
  4. gilmikalian

    LG G3

    So, in a nutshell, what is this phone's weakness? I've been waiting for the Note 4 but just like the Note 3 was not Spark ready, it seems that Note 4 is missing B41. Any input on why the Note 4 is better than the G3. (the S-pen aside)
  5. I'm reading the offer to mean that no matter what, the rebate check will not be more than $190. That means that if you get $5, you will "only" get $190. I don't think they care if you got $1 or $10 from your trade, they will only give you $190 regardless. I dunno, I could be wrong.
  6. Can't vouch for "typically" but they handled my Note 2 purchase flawlessly. I'm hoping for more of the same Saturday when I pick up the wife's iPhone 6.
  7. For the Note 3, on launch day, Best Buy matched the $300 price listed on Amazon.
  8. What dissuaded you from the N4?
  9. I've been checking Best Buy Trade In website and found a couple of phone I can purchase for about $40 to trade in. $160 net gain. I was not sure about the Note 4 but this is sure sweetening the pot. update: the link... https://tradein.bestbuy.com/client/#/catalog/
  10. Got the update... Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
  11. Boooo! Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
  12. 5 minutes, if that. Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
  13. Chromecast here I come. Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
  14. I got it and I didn't even have any voice or keyboard issues. Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
  15. Well I was there two weeks ago for the OC car show and made a couple of calls with no issues. Sent from my L.A. Cellular phone.
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