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  1. I think the version of the iPhone 6 that will work with Sprint won't be that dependent on the config for AT&T or Verizon. If you look at the details of the model numbers for the 5s, the other big three carriers are using the same model number: iPhone 5s (Model A1533) is used by AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon (and 8 or so other small carriers in the U.S.) iPhone 5s (Model A1453) is used by Sprint, US Cellular, and a bunch of the CCA members in the US. SoftBank is also on the list of carriers for that model number. I know some folks that have purchased a Verizon Wireless iPhone 5s and then successfully used it on AT&T and T-Mobile's networks (including full support of the LTE & GSM bands.) http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ I also thought that AT&T agreed to support band 12: http://www.androidcentral.com/att-will-commit-700mhz-lte-network-interoperability http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4643-att-acquiesces-says-goodbye-to-band-17/
  2. Based on page 22 of that SoftBank PDF, it sounds like hepta-band devices will be coming in the future. I wonder whether or not the next generation iPhone for Sprint will include support for band 12 & band 41 (the iPhone 5s & 5c seem to have other bands covered.) The Nexus 5 is even better as it seems as if it is only missing band 12. http://cdn.softbank.jp/en/corp/set/data/irinfo/presentations/vod/2013/pdf/press_20140327_01.pdf http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ http://www.google.com/nexus/5/
  3. So much for the theory that Sprint would clear out S4 inventory via a Black Friday sale: http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/sprint-makes-it-easy-to-give-big-this-holiday-season.htm Being an Employee Referral account holder it is nice to see that the G2 will be available for $49. Of course, Best Buy has had that price for the last two weeks but some of us are not allowed to purchase phones from them. I still think the S4 camera and removable battery are worth waiting for over the Nexus 5 or G2.
  4. I agree, my next upgrade is going to be used on a tri-band device. I looked at both the Nexus 5 and the G2, but both are missing features that are must haves for me. I have to have the ability to swap batteries during the day as my usage and network signal issues can result in needing to use one or two spare batteries during the day on my S3. Also, I want a phone that has the best possible camera as I take a significant amount of video and pictures at my kids' activities. It's looking like the tri-band S4 is the ideal device. Now if they would just release the thing in time for the Black Friday deals...
  5. Of course I read that memo. I actually first saw it in the Nexus 5 thread, and probably read about the same time as anyone else that saw it posted in live time. The question is whether or not the frontline staff is aware of that memo. If they are, why would they tell customers to take their phone in to be looked at for issues when the problem is related to the network. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for Sprint and want to see them succeed. They just need to figure out how to get the information in the hands of the people that need it and make sure that they don't waste their customers time by handing out bad information. I'd suggest we leave it at that and let this thread continue with its original purpose.
  6. I would like to see Sprint support put together some internal documentation for those frontline staff members. It is perfectly reasonable for customers to expect the support personnel to not give them blatantly incorrect information. Obviously, the support staff is doing their best to resolve issues based on the information at their fingertips. The problem is that they may be instructing customers to take phones in to be checked for issues when the problem is network based. This could result in wasted time traveling to the repair center, wasted gas money, etc. As a long term customer of Sprint, I am excited about the potential of the Network Vision improvements. I just hope that Sprint will do everything they can to reduce the bumps in the road that the customers and support staff will face during these times of transition.
  7. Thx. I've read enough posts to know that Robert & AJ were probably the most likely candidates to reply. I wasn't sure who else was extremely well informed and/or worked in the industry at some point. Also, thanks to Robert and anyone who dedicates time to the site. It's a great resource.
  8. Sorry, I'm new to the site and am not familiar enough with which users are very knowledgeable. Anyway, I have seen some posts that state that tri-band phones will not be capable of simultaneous voice & data. Is this a known fact that is a side effect of the way that tri-band works? Or was it a design decision where you have engineering limitations that result in having to give up SVDO and/or SVLTE. I've got an S3 and I'm pretty sure it supports SVDO. I've just been reading up and it sounds as if the S4 dropped SVDO and instead supports SVLTE. Of course who knows what the re-released S4 will support. In my case, simultaneous voice & data is a make or break feature.
  9. I have been able to get connected in Fishers and Carmel multiple times. Sensorly.com shows some of the locations I have been able to map. Best speed test result so far was 9652/10132 in Fishers earlier today.
  10. I have been keeping an eye out for LTE sites, and have not seen any coverage yet in Indy. I have an SGS III and an iPhone 5 that are with me most of the day. I am out and about a good bit and frequent the following suburbs: Noblesville Fishers Westfield Carmel Avon I check back in here with an update if I see any coverage in any of these areas. (also, how do I go about getting access to the password protected portions of the site) Bill
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