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  1. I have not had VoLTE in the Cleveland area for a week or 2 now.
  2. I also have been having issues with the site in the past few days.
  3. I have used it here. Galaxy S8. (At least until my GS10 gets here!) It's not working today though.
  4. Does anyone in the Cleveland area still have VoLTE? Mine disappeared last night.
  5. Does anyone thing the S10's will ship earlier than 3/6?
  6. Does anyone know if the S10 will have a pressure sensitive display, like the S8 has?
  7. When I signed into the My Sprint app (I am already eligible for an upgrade), in that blue upgrade bar that would show up, that changed to say something about Priority Status. I hit that and when through the process. It said I should get an app alert when the preorder is ready.
  8. They didn't have that color in the Priority Status.
  9. https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-brings-great-network-at-great-price-to-next-generation-samsung-galaxy-phones.htm It says you can get Priority Status for pre-ordering (which starts tonight at midnight eastern) by going into the My Sprint app. But I don't see anything about that in my app.
  10. So it looks like the S10 was exactly as rumored. I'm definitely getting one.
  11. Oh, I'm already eligible for an upgrade. I will definitely be upgrading to the S10. I'll probably pre-order also. This will be my first pre-order.
  12. It was like that in the last update in January
  13. January security update is out.
  14. Yeah. And that's what I think Sprint means in these new commercials they have, where they say something like "our coverage is now 30% larger than before".
  15. December security update is now out.
  16. Interesting. I haven't noticed any difference in that area.
  17. November security update is now out (CRK1)
  18. Since the GS8 now has the VoLTE software release, does that mean that we won't get anymore updates for the GS8 until VoLTE is out of beta and live?!
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