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  1. Is there any reason to NOT turn on all the CA settings in the S10? Right now, only B41 to B41 and B25 to B25 are enabled. But I see B25 to B41, etc available.
  2. So far for me, the RF reception and the battery has been about the same as the S8. Not complaining, just an observation.
  3. For me, rf performance is the same as S8
  4. https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-s10/performance/ look towards the bottom: "Ceramic version only available on 8GB/512GB and 12GB/1TB Galaxy S10+ models."
  5. Do you know if this is used in Clear B41 equipment also, or just the new B41 equipment?
  6. Yes, i do have the latest update. Yes, during my setup, the activation process took a long time, but it DID complete eventually.
  7. So far, I'm loving the S10. The fingerprint scanner isn't as fast as I thought it would be, based on videos I've seen online about it. But not annoying. I love the screen though. I also like the stereo speakers.
  8. Ok, the eagle landed, but did you get your S10?!
  9. For me, the RF performance is about the same as the S8.
  10. Mine was also scanned. Now it says by EOD tomorrow.
  11. Somebody with an S9+ posted that, so I think so.
  12. According to their forum, they got the update last Wednesday.
  13. The Feb security update is out.
  14. Does anybody have any update on their shipment? Mine also said shipped, but if I check the tracking on the UPS site, they have not received it yet. Sprint site says it should be here tomorrow.
  15. Just got the email that mine has shipped also. Says it will be here Tuesday.
  16. Has anybody seen any differences? I have not yet.
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