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  1. Have you guys heard about the S10 update issue on Verizon? Maybe that's why we haven't seen an update for our S10's lately.
  2. Mine does that every so often if I drop to 3G.
  3. What's also funny about this is that VoLTE is required to be enabled on the phone to use 5G. (according to their website FAQ: https://www.sprint.com/en/landings/5g.html?INTNAV=TopNav:Shop:5G#faq-09)
  4. After the TMobile/Sprint merger is approved, and TMobile transfers B41 to 5G only, will Magic Boxes become useless?
  5. Anybody noticing any differences since the last update? I haven't. (just wondering)
  6. I've read this article before. But can anyone explain exactly what this means?
  7. HD Voice on 1x is only available between Sprint customers, I believe. And between calling plus enabled devices.
  8. With VoLTE for me, the icon sometimes disappears, sometimes for days, then magically come back. And I've noticed that I lose it when I go to 3G and the back to LTE. It's like it doesn't initiate it when it get back to LTE, and it take a while (days) for it to.
  9. Yes, that's exactly where those are. 🙂
  10. Well to be fair, he didn't say anything about coverage or how the spectrum penetrates walls. 🙂 It's worded very well.
  11. Anybody able to identify those antennas?
  12. For everyone that is not having these LTE data connection issues, are you liking your S10? Still like it? For me, I still like the phone. The battery doesn't last as long as I expected (still about the same as a S8), but not bad. Also about the same reception as the S8. Fingerprint reader can be "picky" as times. Starting to notice some UI lag at times. Other than that, love the phone. Good upgrade from an S8.
  13. Has anybody had any issue with VoLTE on iPhone? I was thinking about enabling it on my wife's iPhone.
  14. I had a HD VoLTE call with a Verizon phone on the other end yesterday. Call sounded great! Good to see HD calling with other carriers is working.
  15. I have downloaded the update. Still no LTE issues. And location service was still enabled. Also, LTE speeds are the same.
  16. I just hope it doesn't screw up ones that are working fine. 🙂
  17. Here's a pic. The top rack is Sprint, I know. The lowest rack is the one they just added. Also, I was NOT driving at the time. 🙂
  18. I just received a required fingerprints software update this morning.
  19. They are probably not on street view yet, but I will check.
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