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  1. 25 minutes ago, RedSpark said:

    I hope we get an update on official VoLTE support at some point soon.

    Forgive me, but it seems a bit ridiculous that Sprint’s talking about launching 5G when VoLTE isn’t officially available nationwide or on popular phones like the S9/S9+/Note 9/Pixel 3 series, etc.

    What's also funny about this is that VoLTE is required to be enabled on the phone to use 5G.  (according to their website FAQ:  https://www.sprint.com/en/landings/5g.html?INTNAV=TopNav:Shop:5G#faq-09)

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  2. On 5/18/2019 at 3:55 PM, tyroned3222 said:

    This the first sprint 5G test a841bd06c1d61289dcd0fa7a4c3345ba.jpg


    Don’t think sprint has the operational cost to run multi gigabit backhaul on all 5G sites..

    Few people I spoke with say this is the biggest leap sprint has ever made in terms of how the network is now performing under 5G using massive Mimo and how good volte is operating.. the team is not convinced that they will creat a ton of foot traffic because Of this .. they are still expecting customer to leave at a faster rate than what they are gaining



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    I can get this speed on Sprint's LTE network now.  Without 5G.  🙂

  3. On 4/22/2019 at 2:23 PM, mmark27 said:

    I did some pretty extensive testing on my S10+, my wife's S10, and both my parents' S10s as they were visiting this weekend and my kids actually took a freaking nap!! As we traveled around, each device had a hard time dealing with any sort of B25 signal, as reported by SCP and by the LTE Engineering screen. B25^2 seemed to be okay, but any standard B25 signal was junk from a macro site. If it picked up B25 from a oDAS network, then the phones were okay on data sending and receiving as well. 

    Reports over on the Sprint thread also have issues with the Note 9 in some cases as well. While all anecdotal, I find it really hard to believe that folks on this thread "have had no data problems". In fact, I bet you have, but it's pretty innocuous when it happens usually. It doesn't tell you that you don't have signal, it doesn't give any sort of warning....it looks connected with strong signal bars. SCP will report "idle" and anything that needs the network will timeout. Occasionally, I get the unable to establish connection circle with the slash through it....and a toggle of airplane mode will fix it.....but this has happened to me in the past here in Madison just because we have pockets still of dead zones that are unfortunately placed in areas you want your phone to work, like the Zoo. 

    This all said, this really smells like a software provisioning problem and not anything to do with hardware and/or device swaps....in most cases. Or something with the towers themselves in communicating with these S10s and perhaps the S8s are reporting issues too in a few places. Most folks that are getting new devices are just reporting that those are going "bad" as well. I have no clue what's happening, but it seems pretty widespread if all 4 of the devices on my account have these issues. These all were pre-orders but from very different batches of SN strings and ordered well apart from each other.

    I just know that I'm not going into any store for testing or swapping out any devices until they have an actual fix in place for what's going on. For now, I've just disabled B25 and that keeps the data flowing and keeps the calls from dropping! I know it's not proper, but it fixes my issue in the short term. This is complete madness that they can't get a handle on it. There's supposedly another update coming on April 30th. 

    Any word on the April 30th update?

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  4. 11 minutes ago, swintec said:

    Within the last week I started getting HD voice, while connected to wifi calling, when a Verizon user calls me.  However if i initiate the call instead HD voice is not there.  What gives?

    Also, if i disconnect from wifi and use the cellular network (1x800), no HD voice no matter what.  its been so long so i can not remember but is there no HD voice on 1x?

    HD Voice on 1x is only available between Sprint customers, I believe.  And between calling plus enabled devices.

  5. 8 minutes ago, SuzieTuesday said:

    Yet Neville Ray says, "T-Mobile also has mmWave spectrum that provides massive capacity over a very small footprint. It holds big promise for speed and capacity in dense urban areas and venues where large numbers of people gather."  I guess TMUS has special mmWave spectrum that is some how superior to VZ mmWave spectrum.

    Well to be fair, he didn't say anything about coverage or how the spectrum penetrates walls.  🙂  It's worded very well.

  6. For everyone that is not having these LTE data connection issues, are you liking your S10?  Still like it?

    For me, I still like the phone.  The battery doesn't last as long as I expected (still about the same as a S8), but not bad.  Also about the same reception as the S8.  Fingerprint reader can be "picky" as times.  Starting to notice some UI lag at times.

    Other than that, love the phone.  Good upgrade from an S8.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, mkenny28 said:

    Just saw this over on Sprint Community on a big thread about the network issue:

    "As always, Sprint and Samsung continue to closely monitor concerns about intermittent or total loss of voice or data with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e handsets.  There will be a software release available on Tuesday, April 16th that will prevent the device from experiencing intermittent voice or data.  Please update as soon as this release becomes available."



    I just hope it doesn't screw up ones that are working fine.  🙂

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  8. 20 hours ago, RAvirani said:

    If you have a few extra minutes to stop and grab photos sometime, I'm sure I or else here could identify them. 

    If they're on Google Street View, we could also take a look if you provide the address or coordinates...

    Here's a pic.  The top rack is Sprint, I know.  The lowest rack is the one they just added.

    Also, I was NOT driving at the time.  🙂


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  9. Just now, RAvirani said:

    If you have a few extra minutes to stop and grab photos sometime, I'm sure I or else here could identify them. 

    If they're on Google Street View, we could also take a look if you provide the address or coordinates...

    They are probably not on street view yet, but I will check.

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