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  1. I work a block from there and never got LTE at the Verizon center. Don't think it's blocked by Verizon - if you go by the sensorly map there is a big gap along 7th street that streches from Gallery Place chinatown Metro to Mt. vernon Sq / Convention center (North) and from Gallery Place chinatown Metro to Archive Navy Memorial (South). I have picked up LTE at both ends but never in front of the Verizon Center ( I be at chipotle fiathfully lol) I think their has to be a tower to cover that section and it might not be on yet.
  2. Horribile 3g data service in chinatown all day today. sick of it.
  3. I can confirm that there is NO LTE coverage near the Spy Museum YET.... I work half block from there. Like munsterrr said maybe friday.
  4. has anyone seen the Sensorly map lately? downtown DC area is starting to light up!(Zoom in) ..unfourtunately Im about 4 blocks from the nearest light purple so haven't had my LTE cheery poped yet though if I have time later today I'll take that walk.
  5. sensorly maps is reporting that columbia Heights and logan circle are lit up. Check out the updated map http://www.sensorly.com/fullscreen/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint
  6. Thanks dcharleyultra that looks promising.. I'm in Arlington, Va and work in chinatown area in DC - hope it's live this weekend based on the rumors.
  7. what does it say? mind sharing a picture of it? I haven't received any from Sprint.
  8. no mobile data for me in Chinatown DC right now. Calls are coming in but cant send /recieve messages nor use the internet. Tried airplane mode on/off , tried rebooting, no go.
  9. It's October and I am still experiencing horrible 3g coverage in the chinatown area (Verizon Center). signal keeps jumping back and forth from 3g to roaming on my SGSIII. I was really hoping to have LTE within this first week of OCT.
  10. anyone out there?......Our president needs some LTE coverage in DC!
  11. any new updates for downtown DC? my SGS 3 was roaming for half the morning yesterday.
  12. Sprint Bringing LTE to Four New Markets Before Labor Day (Spetember 3rd 2012) Baltimore, MD Gainesville, GA Manhattan/Junction City, KS Sherman-Denison, TX Source:http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/07/26/sprint-bringing-lte-to-four-new-markets-before-labor-day-september-3rd-2012/ Does anyone know if the Baltimore, MD market extends to DC?
  13. Any updates on LTE in DC? Are we still looking at a late August / Early September launch date? 3g on my SGS III is just horrible and not to mention constantly in and out of 1x roaming.
  14. slim chance DC is on the list for the 15th of July Flip Switch of LTE right yall? I was thinking just....maaaaaybe with all the netowrk issues we have been experiencing lately that we'd be rocking LTE come July 15.
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