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  1. RT @afropunk: Cops complain about white people wasting police time calling 911 with irrational fears of Black people https://t.co/h53N9jWZ…

  2. RT @Tricey_J_: Lawd they gentrifying our MeMe’s too ???‍♀️ https://t.co/qkshQid0ZD

  3. This guy knows he’s going to jail. At this point he’s just trying to get them to throw the book at him a little sof… https://t.co/OCbPTUT9JV

  4. @floyddetroit why don’t you do same day delivery to 10019?

  5. @DougBenson Helpful and appreciated.

  6. RT @CBSNews: DMX sentenced to a year in prison for tax fraud, plays song in court https://t.co/DrQPzApwEf https://t.co/lZtWLGFfpL

  7. RT @jes_xxiii: @fentybeauty Me when I get my hands on that fenty bodylava https://t.co/r4ZYag1fEA


  9. RT @INTERlORS: https://t.co/ua831KXyrv

  10. @SenJohnKennedy cares more about dogs dying on planes than kids dying in schools. https://t.co/H0UDtIfkgw

  11. RT @imkialikethecar: Microsoft has 300 engineers working on GDPR compliance... ?

  12. @JillianMayer Anytime before the second TSA guard at the podium checks your ID and bording pass is psychotic.

  13. RT @shadowandact: All six episodes of @BET's short-lived 2011 #BlackPanther animated series now available @djimonhounsou @kerrywashingon @…

  14. @DrJeffreyP Where is this?

  15. @KingThandie @MissZindzi I think they don’t get that “I don’t see color” is supposed to be a joke

  16. @KiraBind Fake news

  17. @caitlin__kelly @darth The Animated Spider Man series from the 60s and I’d skate in a full spider man morph suit.

  18. RT @BraddJaffy: omg no https://t.co/5DyODx8QVM

  19. RT @SBNation: Waking up and realizing the Opening Ceremony is today ? (?: @JamieGreubel) https://t.co/WSA9Tzr7yl

  20. RT @KingJosiah54: Pink: “Through the twilights last gleaming...” Sign Language Lady: “Crip, crip, crip, crip..” https://t.co/7VZKp0RoQY

  21. RT @MissBeaE: New-nes? Noon-yez? Nyoon-yez? New-jes? How to pronounce Rep. @DevinNunes' last name. https://t.co/RU6eduuI9Y

  22. RT @benpopper: You have been working in digital media too long when you see an ad for contentment and think it’s about producing content ht…

  23. It’s called “The Max”. Kind of like a prison. https://t.co/3idBrIGV1h

  24. RT @kylegriffin1: Tammy Duckworth: "I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger." https://t.co/wh…

  25. RT @goldengateblond: everything is terrible so here’s a cute kid doing the Thriller dance better than most of us can https://t.co/E9NyEVUFgP

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