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  1. Mirlyn, I moved into my house 3 years ago and oh the stories I could tell from being so close to the NOCC and literally in a black hole as far as service. I can tell you the precise tree as you travel south on my street where the Airave is going to lose the call and I have no signal and the call drops. Over the last year, I have done better about developing a sense of humor about it. My GF has AT&T and when her 2 kids visit with AT&T as well, they have their own set of issues here at the house when the weather changes. I just find it weird/funny I have the issues I do right here in
  2. Purely my opinion here: I have been a BB user for 8 years now. When you lay off some 5K workers, have several companies over the 10 years throw bids at your "private network"-most recently IBM offering $2B for it, and you are a $4B/yr company, and your response is no because you believe the BB10 and Playbook will rescue you in Spring 2013............I don't hold out a ton of hope. I love BB for business and personal as well, but from a personal level with limited techy experience and just knowing what I like, I will be making a switch in a few weeks.
  3. Thanks to all 3 who have responded thus far, bgguy digiblur and koiulpoi. Had done a lot of homework and research, but hadn't found any feedback in the last 6 months so thought I would ask. I have looked at the EVO and the Samsung Galaxy and definitely will look again.
  4. Yep, so I am a newbie, and have a question. My life and business depends on the Airave in many ways. I live within an 8 block radius of the NOCC for Sprint (National Operations Control Center) and have had horrible prob's in the past. With the Airave and my Blackberry Tour 3G, all has gone well over the last 3 years. Been with Sprint since '98, and have heard the downfalls of buying out contract as well as other carriers and their nightmares. So I would like to stay put. My question: If you have experienced or know someone who has recent experience like mine above, what would be the best p
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