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  1. anyone know if you can take a "Sprint prepaid" galaxy s3 new in package and activate it on your "regular" sprint plan? wife's s3 is almost completely dead, and she's got a few more months to stagger along before cheap upgrade...
  2. Trying to pick next phone, I am leaning towards the s5 sport for the rubber grip and water resistance. (I've been caught in the rain very often on my bikes) The LG g3 looks real nice though. They are all the same price with how I get the phones. Any chance the sport would not get the OS upgrades as fast as the regular s5 or any other issues with it? All seem rootable, (probably more of an issue to make sure I don't have under armor quotes on the s5 sport?) Anyone got real world experience comparing the radios between the three?
  3. I was going to, but played volleyball then had the munchkin with me.. Btw, have you had anymore luck with the mayor and approaching Google fiber?
  4. I see you Dan... Well technically that's your quad.... But close enough...
  5. How do I get to the "downloads" section... I've tried every clear I can think of... Driving me nuts right now.. hmmm. apparently it was just the 23423 time hitting clear that seemed to take?
  6. Really? Except down by the fire department I have decent lte all through dtwf..
  7. So is there currently an LTE install on the water tower, it's just not on? Sensorly has strong LTE mapped all around that area, but I've never had LTE downtown. Must have been short lived. Yep It was about three days.. Amusingly I get lte in the Subway, but not usable outside in the parking lot at gateway.... They really are doing this migration the worst possible way to keep customers..
  8. They had it in for a bit. Was brilliant. I got lte all over for about a week.. It's like they taunted me..... See your phone really could work. Now back to you suck... :-( My favorite is that you get ZERO signal at the sprint store by the factory.. That's got to help sales.
  9. Which magical neighborhood is this? I'm thinking I made a poor move
  10. That tower rocks, but the rest of WF is complete crap. Great signal and can't even load Google.com I hope they hurry up with the others.
  11. Go by the sprint office and smack them. :-) I got working lte outside my office at 54 and Davis Still roaming 3g inside. :-(
  12. I forgot to map most of it but had lte from Jones dairy down to inside of 540 on 401 Working downtown Raleigh at Halifax Mall as well.
  13. Looks like they flipped on some more in wake forest. Going down Jones dairy farm road has lte now. Once I'm out moving around I'll map it on sensorly Which is good cause yesterday I had 0g almost everywhere up here
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