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  1. Can someone point me to the website to "open a ticket" for poor network performance? Apologies for slightly off topic question.
  2. It basically force quits the field test app. You can check the phone's error logs and see that if you do it enough times, force quitting the field test app populates quite a few logs.
  3. Finally! I think Palo Alto is considered South Bay. To be fair, I went through the zone on my bike pretty quickly and the speed seemed to fluctuate while I had it. And then it was gone and I went back to the usual patchy 3G. But still, first time with LTE! I almost dropped the phone when I saw it. :-)
  4. Right. I'm just worried that maybe this particular unit has weak reception issues maybe I should take it back. Is the BaseID listed in the 1x section the indicator if which tower I'm connected to? I can keep an eye on that to see how it compares to the iP4S. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Right. Only the iP5 signal fluctuates an sometimes drops 3G.
  6. I have the signal meter set to display the dBm reading of my Sprint iPhone 5 connection. My phone appears to oscillate between two signal states. One is a strong connection which reads anywhere from -70 dBm to -91 dBM, and the other is worse, often showing -106 dBm. What bothers me is that it will oscillate between these two states while sitting in the same spot on my desk. It also sometimes drops 3G connection when cycling to the worse signal state, and data transfer speeds are much worse. My wife's iPhone 4S (iOS 6) displays a relatively consistent signal while sitting on the same desk and outside in use. It never oscillates or cycles as my iP5 does. Moreover, the iP4S signal is always -1 or -2 dBm better than the iP5 even in its better state. Are you experiencing similar signal cycles? I'm trying to figure out if there's something wrong with this unit's antenna or chip. When I first got it, it wouldn't hold a 3G connection for more than a second. Now it holds the 3G signal better, but has this oscillating or cycling problem. What should I look for in the Field Test panel to investigate this further? I've tried resetting network connections, tried doing a data profile update, tried resetting and restoring, I even tried activating a new ICCID sim card (which had no effect, went back to my original one). This is a replacement unit (bad bluetooth module on the first one), and I hate to be "that guy" going back again, but this is bothering me. Thanks!
  7. Nothing along Embarcadero in Palo Alto to 101. Annoying that the iOS version doesn't allow me to contribute to mapping (if I do finally connect!). I'm sorry guys.
  8. Just saw that this mini galaxy phone won't have LTE, either. Sounds more similar to the Nexus just mentioned. Are there really no Android or WP8 LTE phones in a smaller form factor (say screen size of less than 4.5"). Maybe I'm alone in liking a smaller phone!
  9. Wow super cool to see so much LTE popping up in the last week. Even by SJC airport. Awesome! Have yet to see it light up on my phone or near my home or work, but... Still exciting! I wonder how much longer to launch? They've got to be getting closer now!
  10. Bummed that its not going to be a very high end device. I know there are power users out there who like a smaller form factor and it would be great to have it as an option. Are there other Android or WM phones that fit the bill?
  11. Thanks for that. Too bad the RootMetrics app doesn't distinguish between 4G LTE and WiMAX and 3G like the Sensorly app does.
  12. How do you guys leave Sensorly running to take signal readings while you're driving? I have the iOS Sensorly app and I don't see a way to take a signal reading without having to do it manually.
  13. I see you just added some purple by the Napa County Airport. So cool! Sorry about the traffic.
  14. Drove around Mountain View and on 280 up to Palo Alto. Nothing yet! Just the same old lousy 3G. I keep having to explain to my wife what I'm doing. I told her that her 4S will likely see some improvement, too as more people start using LTE. Am I wrong?
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